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What we are

Best Coast Pairings is a service to help you run competitive swiss paired events, as well as offering integrated ticket sales, on-line results, and specific support for table-top miniatures formats such as Warhammer, Warmachine/Hordes, X-Wing, and Magic. Player rankings, such as we currently provide for the ITC are also avalible.

What you get

The free iOS app is all an organizer needs to manage their entire event. Ticketing, pre-registration, pairings, table assignments, player-entered scores, and league/team tracking are all available from the app and website. Event setup is a flexible process with options for everything from a single number score per player to specific ITC & Steamroller© scoring formats. You can watch a video demo of a simple 3 round event here


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Rosters, Pairings, and Placings are available to players and spectators on our website. These are simple pages optimized for the web and viewable on pretty much any device with a web browser. Results are also exportable for those times you need to handle scoring not necessarily supported in the app, such as soft scores. Check out our F.A.Q./Support page and follow us on Facebook for more information.


We are the official app of Frontline Gaming's tournament circuit. Contact Paul for information on having us host your league tracking.