10.12.2019 - 9:00am


The Northeast's premier 40K GT. This is year 10! More info at our site

Ticket Price:

$65.00 USD

Available Tickets: 26



1000 Palisades Center Dr
West Nyack NY, 10994

Registered Players

Name Team
Alan Blakeborough Red barn
Alex Ing Gentlemen Gaming
Alexander Fennell Death Spiral Down
Alexander Palmer Dicebags Gaming
Alfred Medina
Andre Perez Dice Legion
Andrew Daniels Battle For Salvation
Andrew Gonyo Beast Coast
Andrew Zoitas carcosa
Angelo Alatzas Brother's Grim
Anthony Ingersoll nonproductive
Anthony Trimboli Fateweaver
Arturo Cortes Battle For Salvation
Austin Wingfield Team Battle Brothers
Basil Inferrera
Bill Lll carcosa
Brad Nichols Beast Coast
brandon Batch Upstate Honor Guard
Christopher Johnson Wargamers Anonymous
Clayton Newhall The Sector
Cody Buchman
Corey Begley Gentlemen Gaming
Coy Monk Coastal WarGaming
Curt Phillips Coastal WarGaming
Dallas Rapoport Beast Coast
Dan Maher Highwaymen Gaming
Dan Matulich Battle For Salvation
Daniel Axe carcosa
Daniel Wohlmuth Battle For Salvation
Darion Ehmer
Dave Ciernia The Sector
David Axe ‘Arvard ‘Ardboyz
David Koszka Beef & Wing
David Pesce Gentlemen Gaming
Davis Frye Team Battle Brothers
Dom Kidwell knights of the basement
Dominic Metzger Beast Coast
Edward Coviello Battle For Salvation
Erik Fredriksen Gentlemen Gaming
Ethan Quirke Battle For Salvation
Garrett Yablonski Brother's Grim
Geoffrey Beaman Beast Coast
George E Hanson George E Hanson Beast Coast
George Katehis Battle For Salvation
Gil Fuhr Gentlemen Gaming
Greg Wells Battle For Salvation
Ivan Cho U.S. Army Esports
Jack Harpster Beast Coast
Jake Buchman
James Maley Battle For Salvation
James Watkins Battle For Salvation
Jared Egeler GGCT
Jared Friedman Beast Coast
Jared Parker Gentlemen Gaming
Jared Vail
Jarred Baker Beast Coast
Jason Beston The Sector
Jeff Schutz GGCT
Jim Stanley Beast Coast
John Batch Beast Coast
John DeMaris
josh Schutz Team Battle Brothers
Joshua Glantz Joshua Glantz Sullivan Boyz
Justin Cox Team Battle Brothers
Kevin Campbell Muffin Men
Kurt Clauss Team Battle Brothers
Kyle Loder Beast Coast
Kyle Steimle Da Sullivan boyz
Lucas Patruno The Sector
Luke McCarthy Terrain Kickers
Marcus Vinci Battle For Salvation
Mark Grey
Mark “Gator” Hertel Team Battle Brothers
Matt Aaron Beast Coast
Matthew Bennett Make Cadia Great Again
Michael Perez Da Sullivan boyz
Michael Plattner Wargamers Anonymous
Mike DeAngelis Battle-Forged Gaming
Mike Marszycki Battle For Salvation
Nicholas Rose Gentlemen Gaming
Nick Devotion carcosa
Nick Nanavati Beast Coast
Oliver Bret Dice Legion
Patrick Baillargeon Wargamers Anonymous
Patrick McAneeny Battle For Salvation
Patrick Parker Diners Drive Ins And Dice
robert maunsell Castle 40k
Ron Krokovich Battle For Salvation
Sam Felgran Battle For Salvation
Samuel Spragis Wargamers Anonymous
Sean Nayden Team Battle Brothers
Seth Freudenburg carcosa
Spencer Culhane carcosa
Stephen Burris Gentlemen Gaming
Tamer Saloot Battle For Salvation
The Count Of Salvation Battle For Salvation
Tj Lanigan Beast Coast
TJ Myers Beast Coast
Tomas Prestamo Dicebags
Tony Phillips Dicebags
Trevor Harris Battle For Salvation
Vincent Gallo nonproductive
WILLIAM SERWETMAN Make Cadia Great Again
Zac Chapderlane Battle For Salvation