Midwest Conquest GT 2020

5.23.2020 - 8:00am


The 40K Grand Tournament returns to UnderCon and the Midwest Conquest! 50+ players will enter, but only one can be the Best General of the Midwest! Saturday, May 23rd – Sunday, May 24th Check-In at 8:00am, First round at 9:00am Five 3-Hour Rounds This event is part of the 2020 Lord Marshal’s Conference. Rules * Games will be played using the Warhammer 40k 8th Edition rule set. All the current errata and FAQs available from Games Workshop will be in effect, as well as all current beta rules from the latest Big FAQ (April 2020). * This is a 2000-point event. * Army construction must follow ITC army construction guidelines. * The ITC Champions Missions will be used. * The ITC Code of Conduct will be in use. * Chess Clocks will be in use starting on round 2 for the top 15 tables, as well as at player request. * For a codex or supplement to be legal for the Midwest Conquest GT, it must have been released on or before May 9th, 2020. Any codex or supplement released after that date will not be allowed. * All models must clearly represent what they are supposed to be: - WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). - Your models DO have to be painted to play; at minimum, they must have 3 colors and be based. * Players are expected to have a printed, legible army list. Also, all lists will need to be submitted to Best Coast Pairings. * Players are required to bring a copy of the codex or index for any faction(s) used in their army. * Players are required to bring a copy of the Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition Rule book. * Judges will be present in order to assist with any questionable rules arguments. All judge rulings are final. * Players are responsible for clearly determining what the various terrain elements will be counted as for determining cover bonuses.

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$50.00 USD

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2345 McGee St
KCMO MO, 64108

Registered Players

Name Team
Alex Hunt
Cary Mah
Colin Kay
Dave Danuser
Jasper Axelson
Jesse pinick
JT Grachek
Kyle McCord
Larry Davis
Matthew Runde
Quinton Alexander
Scott Thompson
Zakk "The Dude" Wallis