Wargames For Warriors

3.2.2019 - 10:00am


Come out and support some great charities and get your ITC points. 5 three hour rounds of 40k! 2000 points, 3 detachment, battle forged lists. We’ll be using all current GW/FW faqs and errata. All codices/matched play rules (including beta rules) will be in effect as long as it was published at least one week prior to the event date. We’ll be using itc champion missions 2-6.

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9420 S Union Square
Sandy UT, 84070

Registered Players

Name Team
Aaron Fyffe Cry, Havoc!
Aaron Tyrrell GAJO
Ben Cromwell Team Zero Comp
Chad Ball
Charles Metts The Next Dimension
Chris Talley Space Hamsters
Christopher Morgan Wrong Way Kids
Colton Hatch Lord General Militant
Darrin Clarke
Derek Hardy
Felix Montoya
Garrett Bagnall Fratres Imperterritas
Hunter Schow Loiteror's Warhammer Club
Ian Stolk Golden Throne Thunder Dome
James Weston Double Dutch Rudder
John Rowley 93rd Legion
John Stuart
Jon Kuhl Gajo ya know
Jonathan Richardson PCG
Kaltin Kirby 93rd Legion
Kayleb Kirby 93rd Legion
Kevin Dursteler
Lou Rollins Double Dutch Rudder
Micah Merkley Cry, Havoc!
Noah Bagnall
Richard Kilton Double Dutch Rudder
Richard Mahoney Space Hamsters
Scott Bouche
Scott Rumple Double Dutch Rudder
Seth Beddes Double Dutch Rudder
Steffen Holm
Wes Hall The Killing Bricks