T5S2 Season 3 Mapril One-Dayer RTT

5.1.2021 - 10:00am


A one-day RTT-style event run on TTS! Rounds pairings will follow a strict schedule and timing regulations will be in place. Rounds will have a ~15 minute break between them, and players are expected to log in to their table promptly. The event schedule is as follows (all times in EST): 9:30 Round 1 pairings posted 10:00 Round 1 start time 13:00 Lunch Break 14:00 Round 2 pairings posted 17:30 Round 3 pairings posted 20:30 Round 3 ends This event is part of the T5S2 Tournament Series and is being organized on the TacticalTortoise Discord server. Visit tts40k.com and click on the “Community” tab to join the server. Games will be held within the TacticalTortoise server - to participate in the event, join the server and match your nickname with your BCP account name (or vise versa) so your opponents can contact you easily. Use the voice channel matching your table # for VOIP. This event will be played using Chapter Approved: Grand Tournament 2020 rules, with the T5S2 Season 3 addendums/additions: ​ -Lists must Battle Forged, total no more than 2,000 points and submitted before the list submission deadlines posted above. The army's Warlord must be indicated. -Psychic powers, relics, warlord traits, litanies, adaptive physiologies, stratagems that are used "before the game", etc. may be selected during the "Muster Armies" stage of each game. -Each round will use a predetermined mission and terrain setup. -In the event of a concession, the conceding player retains the VPs they have scored up until that point. The other player may then continue playing to score additional VPs as if their opponent had no remaining time. Tournament Format: -Unplayed games will result in a 0-0 score being submitted, unless one player concedes or is unresponsive, in which case their opponent scores 60-0 -Byes are scored as a 70 VP victory. -All players will receive T5S2 standings points, and undefeated players will receive gift cards - other prizes will be awarded depending on attendance. -This event will use maps from the T5S2 Season 3 Map Pool. Entry fees will be used for prize support and series upkeep.

Ticket Price:

$15.00 USD

Available Tickets: 985



100 Cummings Center
Beverly MA, 01915

Registered Players

Name Team
Alex "Valdor" Taylor Tweam UwU
Andrew Kohner
Brad Weir ProTabletop
Chris Hagen
Daniel Kennedy Hottest Takes
Devin Hutchinson
Eric Singer
Jack Tite Tweam UwU
Justin Signer-Delorme
kenneth ward Vanguard Tactics
Nick Magee
Robert Lefrancois
Sean Timmons
Zachary Matheson