Battle In The Misty mountains AOS GT

5.28.2022 - 9:00am


40 dollar Entry. 5 rounds 2 hours and 30 minutes each. Player cap 32 players. 2000 points army lists. Conversions, 3rd party miniatures, or 3d printed non-GW miniatures are allowed so long as the the base size is accurate to the GW basing chart, and such models are submitted for approval and review ahead of time; please send such requests to or messaged directly to Rocky Top Game Con's business page. Failure to comply will result on anything between models being removed from the table or Red card issues per ITC Policy code of conduct via our event staff. Ticket policy: Tickets are none refundable as they are used to pay for the venue and various materials and resources for the Event such as Prize support, with the exception that the convention is canceled. You may transfer ticket by emailing us at Ticket holders may no longer transfer tickets after May 20th after 11:59 pm. Once our Event fills up we will start a waiting list. Social Media Coverage: Some of our events may be streamed. By purchasing a ticket or attending events you agree that your likeness may used to provide social media content for Rocky Top Game Con and The Play Promoter Tournament Circuit. Event Schedule: Note: you can check in as early as Friday May 17th as your ticket includes a free weekend pass to the con May 28th Day 1 registration starts at 8:30 am Round 1: 9am - 11:30 am Lunch: 11:30 am - Round 2: 12:30pm - 3:00 pm Round 3: 3:05 pm - 5:35pm May 29th Day 2 Round 1: 9am - 1130 am Round 2: 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm Selected Missions: Missions will be drawn from the 2021 General's Handbook (also known as the Ghur mission pack). These will not be announced until the tournament begins, but will not include "Tooth and Nail". Terrain System: Each table will have roughly 8 pieces of terrain, including a mix of basic area terrain, wyldwoods, garrisons, and impassible obstructions. Each table will also have a set of Mysterious Terrain tokens, which will be allocated by the defending player before the attacking player chooses a deployment zone. Pairings and Standings: Player standings will be ranked by win path first and battle points second. Players will be paired randomly within their win path. Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Painting: Painting is NOT required, but is encouraged. There will be a prize for the best painted army, as judged on the criteria of creativity, workmanship, presentation, and difficulty. Additionally, all players with fully painted armies that do not win another prize will be entered into a raffle. List submission: Please submit your list via BCP by the end of May 21st to avoid a yellow card. If you have any problems submitting your list, please contact us immediately. Floor Policy : Rules per event are outlined as follows: Head Judge: Head Judges are responsible for resolving calls that floor judges can't answer. Head judges are not required to walk the floor but instead must make themselves easy to find IE judge table. Only the head judge my appeal to an Event organizer for resolution. Floor Judge- Floor Judges are responsible for staying pro active and friendly to the players. If they see an incorrect play they must enter judge call procedure and correct the game state. Floor judges must walk the floor looking for incorrect plays and be ready to respond to judge questions. They must not linger near the judge table or near other judges for more than 5 minutes at a time. Ringer- ringers are focused on engagement to ensure that players have a good time. Follow the CPPG bi procedure for marking wins and losses but offer to play a game with the player who is odd out. The player may opt out of playing the ringer, but the ringer must offer to play a game. The role of ringer may never overlap the roles of floor Judge or TO. Judge call procedure: initiated either by a player calling a judge over or the judge themselves; The judge must take the game state back to the interaction in question and resolve the scenario. If the game state cannot be repaired it becomes accepted game state. See accepted game state. If there is not a clear resolution for the interaction in question Defer to The Player Promoted FAQ. If there is not precedent in The Player Promoted FAQ, defer to Approved 3rd party FAQ. If there is still no precedent established by an FAQ, have the players roll off to make a decision. Once the interaction has been resolved by the Judge. The player may call for an appeal. See Judge Appeal process. Chess clocks available upon request. Once a player makes a request both players must use it. We will follow ITC chess clock etiquette. Appeal process for rulings. If you have a ruling question, raise your hand and call a judge. The Judge will mark off your time in round and answer your question. If you are not satisfied with the judge's response, ask for an appeal. Another judge will come over. You can then appeal a 3rd time for the Head judge. Any time on the clock that was lost will be extended so long as this process is not abused. Note that the game state must be repairable to have a ruling call made. Accepted Game State: Do not wait to call a judge over. If the game is unrepairable, the current board will become an accepted game state and a card may be issued depending on the offence. Player late to the game: Matches where players are late to their round will be required to play on the clock. Time lost will be deducted from their clock. If a player is 30 minutes late or more to their round they take a loss and take a yellow card. If they are 30 minutes late the following round, they are dropped from the event and take a red card. Player Discrepancies: Players should maintain a solid level of consistency with rules/model declarations, decisions, and dice rolls. "Takebacks" are discouraged, to avoid any potential game state complications or discrepancies. If there are any conflicts, please call a judge over to resolve them impartially. Strict rules/turn order will be adhered to by default (aka unless a specific situation is verbally agreed upon between the players), and judge decisions will be made based on this. We will abide by any GW FAQs published prior to the event. If you have a ruling question, please ask ahead of time; any such rulings will be communicated to participants here and printed in the physical tournament pack at the event itself. Q: If a unit of Namarti Thralls splits its attacks between a unit with a wounds characteristic of 1 and a unit with a wounds characteristic of 3+, does it gain both benefits on all attacks? A: No. Only the models attacking the 1-wound unit gain the extra attack (which must be against that unit), and only the attacks allocated to the 3+ wound unit gain the extra damage.

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$40.00 USD

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3301 East Magnolia Avenue
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Bobby Trentham
Bradley Adcock Legion
Chris Bracken Black Horse Pub and Brewery
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Dustin Aldridge
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Jacob Morris Southern Slayers
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Jason Gostkowski
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Jon Anderson Blackhorse Pub and Brewery
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Reed Herner holy hammers
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Teo Lara
Tyler Maxwell Legion
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