Board Room Brawl 2019

8.3.2019 - 9:00am


Alright, so we are hosting the second annual Board Room Brawl. Unlike other tournaments that slide around with their date, this one will be every August long weekend so mark your calendars! This is an event geared towards having a fun time for everyone, so we will be giving the top prize to best sportsmanship. This is an ITC event and while people like to make their ITC tournaments a WAAC fest, we’re telling you now if that's your main goal, you’ll be missing the point. We are a “new players welcome” tournament with the intention of growing the hobby for those who are new while also having an awesome fun weekend for veteran players. Ticket prices include a BYOB BBQ after day 1 which is an absolute blast, kicking back talking 40k over some burgers and beverages. We also have a unique take on terrain, it is not a standard ITC experience. The boards will be crazy and varied and you will legitimately need to play the board AND your opponent. If your looking for a kick ass experience, free parking everywhere, and a crazy trip to the Kootenays , this is the tournament for you! As an added bonus there are camp grounds everywhere out here so you can bring your family camping and drive yourself to the tournament.

Ticket Price:

$65.00 CAD / $48.00 USD

Available Tickets: 2



353 Market Avenue
Grand Forks British Columbia, V0H 1H0

Registered Players

Name Team
40k Farva Board Room Brawlers
Al Beliveau Board Room Brawlers
Brent Mooney The Krew
Brody Mader
Chris Bennet Team Participant
Cris Hodgson
David Burdett Team Participant
Daytond Obre BC Battle Brothers
George Thompson BC Battle Brothers
Graham Hodgson Team Participant
Jordan Kuzmiuk
JT McDowell Imperial Pimps
Justin Hines Board Room Brawlers
Lucas Tingley BC Battle Brothers
Luke Guilbault Board Room Brawlers
Marc Peron Board Room Brawlers
Mark Hillhouse Hillhouse
Matt Zarr Immune2Fear
Matthew Bodnarchuck BC Battle Brothers
Matthew Corless BC Battle Brothers
Mike Davis
Mike Degelman
Myles Scott Hammered Heads
Nathan Walsh
Peter Scott Team Creature Caster
Reece Bryden
Riley Carter Imperial Pimps
Ryan Hamar Madhouse Wargaming
Scott Blades Board Room Brawlers
Scott de Wynter-Wilkie Board Room Brawlers
Simon Sung Team Creature Caster
Sterling Battrick Hammered Heads
Steve Wowchuk
Will McNaughton