Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge AoS GT (OFCC!)


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OFCC is a 2000 point matches play Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament taking place in Vancouver Washington the weekend of August 17th and 18th. This event will be 5 games using scenarios from the most recent Generals Handbook, and will also be using the games workshop Hidden Agendas. Scoring will have an emphasis on hobby work and a sportsmanship which make up 40% of the overall score, the other 60% coming from battle. There will be awards for the Best Overall, Best Paint, and The Marshall Johnson Sportsmanship award. There will also be awards for best in each Grand Alliance. Every player gets entered into a raffle that will take place at the end of the weekend as part of the overall award ceremony. Tickets are purchased through Ordo Fanaticus and are $40 for Ordo Fanaticus Champions and $50 for everyone else. Please click the event link to buy. Roster will be updated by the organizers. http://www.ordofanaticus.com/store/product/75-2019-ofcc-age-of-sigmar-its-tournament-sat-and-sun/


301 W 6th St
Vancouver WA, 98660

Registered Players

Name Team
Brodie Dike
Jeremy Conser No Name
Keith Jackson Ordofanaticus
Kyle Dike
Matthew Kangiser Victorious Secrets
Nathan Hobart