January Hobbytown USA Fresno Warhammer 40K Tournament

1.19.2019 - 10:00am


2000 point ITC tournament. All ITC army construction rules apply, along with latest rules/codexes/FAQs. Prize support includes discount coupons and a troop box valued at $50 MSRP or less (for six or more players)

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102 E Barstow Ave
Fresno CA, 93710

Registered Players

Name Team
Alex Fuchs
Andrew Helland Warhammered
Aspen Bruyneel The Enclaved
Brent Burdine
Brian Spalliero Salt Shakers
Carl Madarang
Christopher Jones
Devon Vines Age Of Scrubmar
Grayson Avellar
Joe Potz
Joshua Burdine
Kyle Fruehe
Lucas Miguel
Nick Burdine
Paul Dempsey
Paul Kammer
Tim McShea
Timothy Fuchs
Trevor Booth Warhammered
vincent weibert Warhammered