Battle In The Misty Mountains Sigmar RTT

5.30.2021 - 9:00am


Schedule: Round1: 9 am to 11:30 pm Lunch: 11:30 pm to 12:30 pm Round 2: 12:30pm to 3:30 pm Round 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm Prize support: 1st, 2nd, best painte. Entree 20$ Painted not required. Rounds will be 2 hours and 30 minutes. Lists are due May 21st at 11:58pm. Copy and paist list into BCP for submission. Masks required and social distancing 2020 Age of Sigmar CPPG Tournament Pack CPPG  2020 Age of Sigmar Tournament Pack Purpose This package of rules applied to Age of Sigmar Matched Play Tournaments and will help guide you in building your competitive army list. Minor core rules changes have been made in this document to add simplicity and flexibility to the game for a smooth tournament play experience. Each rule is numbered for easy reference. House Rules Age of Sigmar Matched Play tournaments use all the rules from the most recent Gaming Book and General's Handbook, except for the following listed exceptions; Terrain Rules     The primary and secondary terrain lists will not be used, instead, each player will select scenery pieces from those supplied on the battlefield/table they are assigned each game. Each piece of scenery available on the battlefield must be deployed, and instead of deploying a specific number of pieces, continue deploying them until there are none remaining.     No rules from the scenery table in either the GHB or the core rules will be used or applied with the exception that all forest-type scenery will have the "Overgrown" rule.   (Models are not visible to each other if an imaginary straight line 1mm wide drawn between the closest points of the two models crosses over more than 1” of any Overgrown terrain features. This scenery rule does not apply if either model can fly.) - General’s Handbook 2020 page 75     All enclosed-building type terrain can be occupied by the standard garrisons rule. (Some terrain features can be garrisoned by units. When this is the case, it will be noted on the warscroll of the terrain feature. A unit can be set up as a garrison at the start of the battle if the terrain feature is wholly within the unit’s territory. Alternatively, a unit can garrison a terrain feature instead of making a normal move if all of its models are within 3” of the terrain feature or already garrisoning it. Units that garrison a terrain feature are removed from the battlefield and are assumed to be ‘inside’ the terrain feature. Units must treat a terrain feature garrisoned by the enemy as if it were an enemy model. The range and visibility to or from the garrisoning unit is determined to or from the terrain feature instead. A garrisoning model can attack and be attacked, cast or unbind spells, and use abilities, but cannot move. A garrisoning unit counts as being in cover if it is attacked. In addition, subtract 1 from the hit rolls of attacks made against a garrisoning unit. A garrisoning unit can leave in your movement phase. When it does, set it up so that all models from the unit are within 6” of the terrain feature and more than 3” from any enemy units. This counts as their move for that movement phase. Many terrain features that can be garrisoned include flat areas upon which models can be placed or moved onto the flat areas upon which models can stand. Only garrisoning models can be placed or moved onto the flat areas (other models that can fly can move over flat areas but cannot finish a move or be placed on that area unless they are part of the garrison). Doing so is purely decorative; these models are still treated as garrisoning the terrain feature for rules purposes.) - Game Book page 11. General Army List Building Rules     Each army will be created using the current General’s Handbook consisting of up to 2000pts (Unless otherwise stated) using the Matched Play rules featured in the General's Handbook 2020 or most recent edition, with some changes listed in this document.  Each army's general, artifacts, command traits, prayers, spells, realm, etc. must be clearly stated on your printed army list.      Army lists will include a “Realm of Origin” and benefit from the realm of battle rules of the chosen realm listed in the realm of battle section of the General’s Handbook 2020, starting on page 102, in addition to any realm of battle rules applied by the battlefield.      A copy of each army list must be printed and brought to the event, unless the event is using an app-based or electronic list submission.      The rules books used for the event will be the most recent version of each Battle Tome, General's Handbook, Gaming Book, and recent expansion books including Seasons of War Firestorm, Forbidden Power, Morathi, Wrath of the Everchosen, and those published after 2020. Malign Sorcery will not be used, as it is superseded by General’s Handbook 2020, updated Warscrolls in the WH AoS app, and the Gaming Book. The Malign Sorcery Endless Spells are still usable, The book text has been superseded.     The warscrolls found in the WH AoS app will be the ones used for tournament play exclusively. Other warscroll sources will not be used.     Forgeworld Models, custom converted models, and non-copyright infringing custom 3D printed models and casts will be allowed, subject to event organizer rejection. They must be easily recognized as the Warscroll they are representing by players that are familiar with the warscroll. The base included with a Games Workshop model is the minimum sized base allowed for the warscroll it represents. There is no maximum size for a base, unless it is rejected by the tournament organizer for interfering with gameplay. square and round bases are both allowed, but square bases should be limited to vintage models that included them, or models made to match a vintage collection. Unconventional bases are allowed for purposes of collectors and creative model makers, not hardcore gamers. All models must be fully assembled and using just a base or partially built model is not permitted. Models must accurately represent their warscroll and the options you have chosen to play with. Paint is not required, but each army should be the best looking army that skill, time, and finances allow. Specific Army List Building Rules Modifications Instead of following the instructions on page 108 of the General's Handbook 2020; Each player always selects one auxiliary objective listed on page 109, or in any appropriate supplemental book or the equivalent in any General’s Handbook published after 2020. This selection is added to the public army list information. In the case of a draw game, the player that accomplished their objective wins. If both players accomplish their auxiliary objectives  then the player who scored the most “Kill Points” wins.  In all cases where players can ‘pick or roll’ in list building, players must pick rather than rolling. This choice must be clearly marked on their army list, and cannot change between games. Models with Brittonian allegiance add a Cities of Sigmar Allegiance to their warscroll. Models with a Tomb Kings allegiance add a Death Rattle allegiance to their warscroll.  Any allegiance keyword present, and all rules references to it, on a Non-Brittonian, Non-Tomb Kings model from the Legends Pitched Battle Profiles, or the Monstrous Arcanum in the Pitched Battle Profiles 2020 book (or later edition) is replaced with the Allegiance of the Army General IF both the models share the same Grand Alliance keyword. Army Lists may be “Neutral” as a Grand Alliance in addition to Chaos, Death, Destruction, and Order. Armies with a Neutral alliance may include any models from the entire Age of Sigmar range to, but receive no command traits, allegiance traits, artifacts, extra spells or any other buffs from the Neutral Grand Alliance. General Gameplay Rules and Modifications  If both players accomplish their auxiliary objectives  then the player who scored the most “Kill Points” wins. Kill Points scored are equal to the total points value of units lost by all opponents. If one model remains in a unit, no “Kill Points” are scored. Battalions only count toward Kill Points if all the units in that battalion have been destroyed. Endless Spells and prayer equivalents count toward kill points if all the owning player’s priests and/or wizards that can summon them have been slain. A purchased 50pt Command Point automatically counts towards Kill Point totals. All games last 5 battle rounds, or if time allotted expires. If all players in a game do not believe they can finish a battle round with remaining time available, they should not begin one. If there are no models left on the battlefield before the 5th battle round has ended, then the game continues as normal. “Tabling” a player does not count towards a win unless the game’s objective  says it does. Kill Points may still have value. Battleplans used will normally be those located on pages 76 to 87 of the 2020 General’s Handbook, or the equivalent in later editions. Markers, including objective markers do not have any height, and units can move over, across, and rest on them without penalty. distance from an objective is measured from the center of the objective marker, not its edge.

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