2019 Michigan GT AoS Team Tournament

10.11.2019 - 12:00pm


The Michigan GT Age of Sigmar Team Tournament is a competitive event with an emphasis on fun, featuring 3 games Friday afternoon through the evening. A team of two generals will join forces to face off against other teams to see who can come out on top. The Michigan GT strongly believes in rewarding players for their efforts. Prize categories will consist of: Best overall, Best in faction (Order, Death, Destruction, Chaos, Mixed), Best Theme, and Best Sportsmen. Expect some whacky in game options to build those Best Sportsmen points up if you're shooting for that category. Each general of the team must bring an army that meets all requirements of a 1000 point force as described in the 2019 General's Handbook Matched Play Rules. See rules packet for more detail on army construction and scoring.


6820 S Cedar St
Lansing MI, 48911

Registered Players

Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Azyr
Goat Eyes And Thicc Thighs
Pink Fluffy Death Bunnies
Second Breakfast
Shooting Underfoot
Team Modderman
Just Two Big Guys (and 69* Little Ones)
Blood and Blight
Faulty Flintlocks
Festering Rage
Khaine <3’s Grimnar
Kill-kill all the thing-things…….then stab-stab my ally-friend
Wiggly Tiggly
Border City Boyz
Almost Made It In