Pro-Play Tour YGO $10,000 Weekend Championship #6 May 23-24

5.23.2020 - 12:00pm


Watch THIS before registering: Discord Required! Join Here: Example Decklist Format: 1st place also receives a round 1 bye to the Players Championship! PayPal, Zelle, CashApp, Venmo, Store Credit payments all available by emailing When purchasing this ticket, use your DISCORD username for your FIRST and Duelingbook user for LAST name ETCO WILL BE LEGAL (TCG FORMAT NO OCG CARDS OR RULINGS) Swiss Rounds (Saturday 12PM EST to 8PM EST) Single Elimination Top Cut Finals Sunday (12PM EST to 4PM EST) SUBMIT DECKLIST BY SATURDAY MAY 23rd 11 AM EST (Submit list on BCP App) Use the screenshot function on duelingbook to produce an imgur link to your deck, and use that URL link. Example: If you are 5 minutes late to a round game loss If you are 10 minutes late to a round match loss The length for each round is 50 minutes and then follow Konami official end of match procedures Discord Required! Join Here: You must join 15 minutes before start time. Each Voice Channel will have a table number you and your opponent will join that channel when pairings are posted to communicate If you need a judge to assist you type judge in the Judge Text Channel and we will assist you. We will give time extensions if requested. Make all Duels Opened so NO Locked rooms/Passwords Intentional draws are NOT allowed. You must use the exact same deck list for all rounds, just like in a real tournament. DCs will in most cases be a game loss PRIZE SUPPORT DEPENDS ON PARTICIPATION found here:

Ticket Price:

$20.00 USD

Available Tickets: 922



1405 SW 107th Ave #202c
Miami FL, 33174

Registered Players

Name Team
24kPapi #9242 Duelist-Rey
_SpLiT_ YUGIlessons
Alec Dinostitch97
AlexLazerjet AlexLazerjet
Artoniel#8399 HermesTrismegistus
Awakened#7939 l Awakened I
Ben Challoner Incom Gaming
Bigllama67 WZ
Blakesemon18#8892 Canoboid
boraceylan356#9306 BoraCeylan356
Boshi#4338 boshbosh
brian hewlette
Civaslegna23 civaslegna23
Count Dracula Dltwrn
cscheer cscheer
Danger Gang$taDolla
danilo4 danilo4 ACG
dark sandwich dark sandwich ACG
DeFuze-Ragnarok DeFuze-Ragnarok
Devin Brentzel
DoubleT_361 #3152 Ttorres361
Douglas The Captain Haddad Zero1234241 Team Playmakers
Dunkoro#8003 Dunkoro
E S 7
EhhSenpai EhhSenpai
Girsu_146 insano #9288
grégory masterinfini
Haruhi Cheese String
hedronsquid hedronsquid
Hunter Rogers (Yotato)
Isaiah Perez
Jaaybuster Jaaybuster
Jarrid Centamore
Jason Leonard TEAM JEFF
Jason Tuberville
Jazzyyy#9360 ! (GG) Jazzyyy Team Insane
Jeff Leonard TEAM JEFF
Jesse Perez HE>i
journalz the fairyman1222
Kenneth Johnson.
Kitetenjo8400 Kitetenjo56789
konoar konoar
kuriboh #3024 sect
Lonestar Lonestar
Luis Garcia
MentalBicep MentalBicep
Mike Volpe
Moonpie!#3429 RyanMooney34
Nick Kohan
Nolan Hall
Nolan Hall
Ojamaking xXZomieskiler P(l)ay to win
Olyimpus Olyimpus
Pengod267 Bvcket267
perp24 perp24 Team Golden Age
Phantom Duelinglegnd
Phrshotop Phrshotop Als Yu-gi-oh! Entusiaster
PlayerWithName#0498 Player with Name
poey_dw poe
PureHeroes5 PureHeroes5
Raphaël HENRY Raph
Reeper2121 Reeper2121
rnewin#3050 bestnobie
Rondasrich Rondasrich
RyanTrainer500 Charizard555
SourceMatter#2855 SourceMatter
TheMightyGiantDad TMGD
TheShalabinator sabirshalabi
thisguy45 thisguy45
twilitdragon264 zelda264#5408
Ur zzz uncle#2608 Uncle Untouchables Mississauga
Vincent Nguyen TEAM JEFF
WannaBuyAToaster WannaBuyAToaster DuelingBook Judges
WarthogTMA Warthog#4567
yo123 MasterOfDisguise
Yugioh_Juette kaijuette