Goldensprue Cup GT 2019 - 40k


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This is the third annual GoldenSprue Cup which is the largest 40k event in New York’s Capital District. It is timed to provide the best practice possible for the Las Vegas Open which occurs shortly after. We have updated our pairings system and hobby requirements for 2019, so please read the rules closely.

Ticket Price:

$50.00 USD

Available Tickets: 23



200 Columbia Turnpike
Rensselaer New York, 12144

Registered Players

Name Team
Aaron Shea
Adam Lopez The Sector
Alex Ing Death Spiral Down
Alexander Fennell Death Spiral Down
Bob Sennick
Brian Berman D6 Inches Unbuffed
Clayton Newhall The Sector
Daniel Wohlmuth
Dave Pesce dakkasaurus
Dominic Kidwell knights of the basement
Gil Fuhr knights of the basement
Henry Kim Upstate Honor Guard
Ivan Cho Peace through Dakka
James Laham
Jared Friedman Beast Coast
Jared Parker Dakkasuarus
Jim Vesal CHOP!
John Batch Upstate Honor Guard
Joseph Demastrie The Sector
Joseph Warner Peace through Dakka
Justin Hagelin D6 Inches Unbuffed
Korey McKinney dakkasaurus
Kyle Miller
Lucas Patruno The Sector
Michael Calleri Upstate honor guard
Nick Rose
Oliver Bradeen D6 Inches Unbuffed
Patrick McAneeny Death Spiral Down
Peter de Florio Warmongers
Robert Braun Peace through Dakka
Ryan Parks
Stephen Burris dakkasaurus
Todd Silber
Tony Phillips Dicebags
William Blom Upstate Honor Guard