Tate’s Eighth day Of Exterminatus 40k RTT

12.8.2018 - 10:00am


December 40k 2000 points RTT using ITC rules. 18 players maximum. 2:30 hour rounds. Clocks will be used. Registration is $15 and will be collected at the game store. All registration money will go towards prize support

Ticket Price:


Available Tickets: 2



4580 N University Dr
Lauderhill FL, 33319

Registered Players

Name Team
Allan Yepez Team Asstronaut
Chris Adorno
Jason Hamwey
Jonathan Dispigno
Luis Alcala
Marc Parker Death spital down
Mike Bird
Paul Dispigno
Ramon Rivera
Raoul vega-lopez
Regino Sanchez Brohammer
Ruben I Fernandez Brohammer
Shaun Lubeski Masters of the Ordon Rift
Tim Pinney
Vince Rossetti Adeptus Cunnilingus
William Lozada REGGIE40K