The War Zone Way Monthly--September

9.29.2018 - 13:00pm


This event will be using my The War Zone Way format. There will be $10 entry fee, ($5 for members) and prizes will be divided into top winner, top hobbyist/army, top sportsmans/favorite game. Armies are built at 2000 matched play points. Then deployed into smaller values. Round 1 only lets you deploy up to 750 pts. of those units, round 2 only lets you deploy up to 1250 pts. of those units and round 3 sees you playing 1750. There are not any restrictions outside of the normal ones on what players can bring or use. We do encourage all players to remember the format is meant to be casually competitive with both players having fun being the top goal for each game. At the end of the day when scoring opponents for hobby and sportsmanship it is encouraged to consider if someone's army was built with theme and or opponent's fun considered.

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1626 Broadway Avenue
Mattoon Illinois, 61938

Registered Players

Name Team
Adam Brazzell Scions of the War Zone
Dean Beeler Scions of the War Zone
Dylan Mahaffey Scions of the War Zone
Kristian Akers Scions of the War Zone