Barrie Bash

2.25.2017 - 8:00am


Major Event - 1850 full ITC format 2 days - 5 rounds. T-Shirt included for each player! Player pack See Facebook page for player pack and more details!

Ticket Price:

$60.00 CAD / $50.00 USD

Available Tickets: 14



320 Bayfield St
Barrie ON, L4M 3C1

Registered Players

Name Team
Aaron Green Dark Shard
Ben Jensen Eternal Warriors
Berent Batur CanHammer
Burton Wright CanHammer
Ciaran Gibb CanHammer
Connor Makarucha The Basement Collective
Crimson Sage Crimson Sage
Dan Platt Loaded Dice
David Koszka Beef and Wing
Derek Deraiche
Devin Swann CanHammer
Disciple Anubiz Eternal Warriors
Eryk Slawinski The Basement Collective
Evin Kring Scalliwags Toys
frederic vaudrin Eternal Warriors
Gabriel Flores Saturday Night Gaming and Hobby
Garner Sammons Beef and Wing
Geoff Osborne CanHammer
Huy Truong CanHammer
Irvin Armitage The Basement Collective
James Swain Eternal Warriors
Jared Bond Eternal Warriors
Jesse North Loaded Dice
Joseph Miedema The Royal Table Top Regiment
Josh Chatten CanHammer
kenneth savidis Saturday Night Gaming and Hobbying
Kevin Armitage The Basement Collective
Logan MacLaren CanHammer
Lukas Duchaine Kingston Nexus
Michael Grove Eternal Warriors
Michael Strang Loaded Dice
Mike Renno Loaded Dice
Morgan Bell The Basement Collective
Nate Stevens CanHammer
Nicholas Redford Heroes World
Ricky Johnson
Ryan Pippy 1 Year 1 Army
Shane Kent Eternal Warriors
Skylor Petrovich
Tim Deetlefs Eternal Warriors
Torey Peet Eternal Warriors
Tristan Mitchell Loaded Dice
Tyler Mullins Scalliwags Toys
Will Paul CanHammer
William Backhurst Eternal Warriors
William Pagonis Fallout Gaming Erie