Slaughterfest 2019


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TICKETS SOLD HERE: Come experience the first annual Slaughterfest 2019--Major 40K ITC event! It will be located at the lavish Pechanga Casino ballroom. The ticket to this two-day major event will include: tournament admission, a T-shirt and, Swag bag. Food will be ON-SITE for purchase, as well as a FULL CASH BAR. No need to bring anything, or go anywhere, enjoy food and drinks at the event and in between matches! New codex/Points/FAQ cut off: July 14 2019 List submission deadline: July 19 2019 **we moved the dates back to allow for chaos knight. You will have to use an actual GW chaos knight kit or a heavily converted imperial knight that is approved by TO to be used as a chaos knight. Email for chaos conversion approval TICKETS SOLD HERE: ITC Warhammer 40k - 2000 points - 3 detachment - 3 color and base requirement - 6 rounds with purchase of ticket - Event emission - Event T-shirt - Swag bag TICKETS SOLD HERE: Schedule: Friday July 26 2019 5pm - 8pm Sign-ins/event package pick up Saturday July 27 2019 7am - 8:30am Sign in/ event package pick up 9am - 12pm Round 1 12pm - 1pm Lunch 1pm - 4pm Round 2 4:30pm - 7:30pm Round 3 Saturday July 28 2019 9am - 12pm Round 1 12pm - 1pm lunch 1pm - 4pm Round 2 4:30pm - 7:30pm Round 3 7:30pm - 8pm Awards


45000 Pechanga Pkwy
Temecula CA, 92592

Registered Players

Name Team
Aaron Knafla Mini Marauders
Adam Bishop
Alan Dehesa Rage Quit Table Flip
Alex Mackenzie
Alexander Villagra
Allan Hernandez #REKT
Allen Marshall TheLongWar
Andrew Armstrong the unbound
Anthony Thomas Altered State Wargaming
Arthur Tu
Audrianna Myers/Wallete
BamBam Hunter Flying Monkeys
Benjamin Nicholls Rage Quit Table Flip
Brandon Brown
Brandon Grant Relentless D
Brian Andersen Tides of Mars
Casey Herbst
Charles Martinez
Chris Cole
Chris Nelson
Christopher Dreher
Connor Swaney Kobra Kai
Cory Pickens
Daniel Haack Relentless D
Daniel Reddehase Dicehammer
Danny Janevski GW Glendale
David Cutts GH warboyz
Derek Brookover
Don Hooson The Scorpion Cartel
Douglas Johnson Rage Quit Table Flip
Eric Paul
Evan Burnsworth
Filip O Chupacabrahs
Frankie Giampapa Team Zero Comp
Geoff Robinson Team Zero Comp
George Mestakides GGC
Greymouser 40k Team Battle Brothers
Hank Bell Team Hank Bell
Harry Gieringer
Hayden Navarre West Coast Arsenal
Jade Scott Below Average
James Carmona Team Zero Comp
Jason Dillon
Jason McKenzie Kobra Kai
Jeff Jew Hammer Industries
Jeff Poole Hairy Barbarians
Jeremiah Bergdale Team Fury
Jeremy Hyter
Jeremy Salgado Gamers Haven
jesse rodriguez Gamers Haven
Joe Riego TheLongWar
Joey Vigil TCM
Jon Starks Kobra Kai
Jonathan Anania
Jonny San Nicolas
Jordan Roman
Jordan Stein Kobra Kai
Josh Rosenstein Mercy Killers
Josue Ibarra Gamers Haven
Junior Aflleje Team Zero Comp
Ken Onyeabor Team Ken
Kenny Boucher TheLongWar
Kevin Thomas Gryphon Games and Comics
Kyle Kurtz
Kyle Parry Dicehammer
Lance Hollandsworth
Leif Davidsen Ghost_Pants
Luc Jessick GTG
Manuel Carreon
Mark Aksel Beast Coast
Mason Rinehart Squad Marks
Matt Estrada Matt Estrada
Matt Neeley Flying Monkeys
Matthew Bodnarchuk BC Battle Brothers
Michael Timpe Fisto Roboto
Mike Benton Mercy Killers
Nicholas Hodson
nicholas revard ligmedia
Nick Card
Nicolas Garcia Kobra Kai
Nikhil Sinha Relentless D
Old Goats Cleave & Kelly Mercy Killers
Pablo Martinez Relentless D
Ray Prado War Room Gladiators
Reece Robbins Team Zero Comp
Richard Cozart
Rick Diaz
RJ Abad Rage Quit Table Flip
Rock Liberty Sausagefest
Ryan Fredin
Ryan Mead Rage Quit Table Flip
Ryan Rubalcava
Seth Berozofsky Enygma Wargaming
Skye Snell
Steve Sisk Mercy Killers
Steve Yurkas
Tanner Hebert
Theodore Wallete
Tony Myers Meta Mafia
Trevor Sandoval
Tyler Amoy
Vincent Weibert
Vito Dettmers
Weston Pickens
William Couling
William Hamor
wyatt turk MAUI BOYS