Yu-Gi-Oh! Pro-Play Tour: Invitational Orlando

1.25.2020 - 11:00am


Event info and Pre-Registration: www.ppgeventmanagement.com/invitational Join us for our Pro-Play Tour: Invitational 2020 on January 24th-26th for a weekend packed full of fun for everyone. Osceola Heritage Park 1875 Silver Spur Ln, Kissimmee, FL 34744 Do you have what it takes to be a Pro-Play Tour Invitational Champion? All of our winners from season one and two are eligible to register if you see your name on invite list, for a chance at your portion of $25K in prizes. If you're not on the list by then don't worry! We will be hosting last chance qualifiers throughout the day on Friday AND Saturday for your chance at entry, including several other side events for everyone to enjoy. A $40 entry fee is required for all main event tournaments. More info and Pre-Registration available at: www.ppgeventmanagement.com/invitational Main Event Yu-Gi-Oh!: 11AM Pre-Registration: http://www.bestcoastpairings.com/event/52jqnhnl Standard entry: $40 VIP Registration: $30 addon (Includes: Exclusive 2 Player Stitched Cloth Play Mat, PPG Draw-String Backpack, PPG Lanyard, PPG Field Center, PPG Life Pad) 10K Prizing: 1st - $1,500 + Winner Trophy + 2-Player Cloth Champion Playmat 2nd- $1,000 + 2-Player Cloth Playmat 3rd/4th - $500 + 2-Player Cloth Playmat 5th/8th - $325 + 2-Player Cloth Playmat 9th/16th - $250 Store Credit + 2-Player Cloth Playmat Top 32 - $100 Store Credit Top 64 - $50 Store Credit *Top 32 Playoffs


1875 Silver Spur Ln
Kissimmee FL, 34744

Registered Players

Name Team
Aaron Furman
Aaron Rehberg
Aditya Dharap
Adriel Pierre
Altravius Crittenden
Alyse Davis
Andrew Fredella
Anthony Abalsamo
Arthur Nguyen
Belzeph Belzeph
Blair Hunter
Bojohn14 JohnathanGochenour
Bradley Joazil’Wallace
Brandon Dennis
Brandon Weathersby
Brian Rayos
Brian Wentworth
Bryan Angiuoli
Chase Conklin
Chris096 Bruce
Christian Erazo
Dablessing Wilson
Daniel Pennington
Daniel Shogan Team Ragequit
David Flores
David Plue
Dominic Couch
Donny Nguyen
Eddie Izquierdo
Edward Smith
Edward Toussaint
Erwin Pfau
Ezequiel - ZDragon Ziggydragon
Frank Nicola
Fransisco Santiago
Gabriel Covington
Garrett Befera
Giovanni Gonzalez
Gunnar Schneider
Gustavo Lattari
Hanni Jawhari
Hyro Banayed
Izzy Aniz
James Worley
Jarret Zimmerman Wolfpack Gaming
Jason Leonard
Javaughn Rivers
Jeff Leonard
Jeremy Mitchell
Jerome Adams
Jerry Woods
Joe Bogli
Joe Dietrich
Jonathan Pabon
Jonathan Ray Barber
Jonathan Webb
Jones Andrew Jr
Jose Osores
Joseph Collins Gray
Joseph Staskey
Josiah Ebanks
Justin Singh
Justt Bruce Wolfpack
Kamal Crooks-Valdez
Kevin Haynes Jr
Kevin Jones
Kevin Rodriguez
Kristian Eric Rivera (Evilmermailz)
Kyle Jones
Lukas Leyba
Mario norman
Mario Norman
Matthew Gibson
Matthew Reitler
Maurice Brantley
Maurice Newson
Maverick Roche
Melvin Torres
Michael Beygelman
Michael Bui
Michael Conti
Michael State
Nelson Matelo Perez
Nicholas Jadusingh
Nicholas Langlois Team ATL
Nick Saltzman
Nicolas Reilly
Noah Beygelman
Pak Pamornsut
Parker Schilling
Patrick James
Paul Cooper
Paul Leo Mirbach Ponce
Peter Tran
Quindares Sampson
Raul Ramos
Robby Phinazee
Robert Delapenha
Robert Kenny
Roberto Peterson
Ruben Penaranda
Ryan Fletcher
Ryan Footer
Santiago Guzman
Scott Padilla
Scott Wiggs
Sebastian ceeebasss Crawford
Sebastian Cruz
Sebastian Sanchez
Sebastian Todd
Sebastian Young
Shane Stephens Team scrub
Shannon Long
Staniel Russel
Stephen Brass Bronder
Steven Logan
Tayler Mauck
Tayveon Crowley
Thomas Williams
TJ Cardenas
Tony Confletti
Tyler Jedlick
Vincent Nguyen
Walter Jule
William Mcallister Team Ape
Yobani Martinez
Zachary Williams