Kastle Konflict 02

4.14.2018 - 10:30am


Saturday 04/14/2018 Come join us for a Warhammer 40,000 tournament. 3 Rounds Registration 10:30 1st Round 11:00am Lunch 1:30pm 2nd Round 2:00pm 3rd Round 4:45pm Prizes: 7:30pm 8th ed 40k rule-set. ITC FAQ. Battle-Forged Armies 2,000pts 3 Detachments maximum No single model units with a power level of 32 or higher will be allowed. New ITC Championship missions will be used. Fully painted armies (3 color). Minus three (-3) command points if the army does not contain at least one fully painted unit (three colors min). This event will use the Best Coast Pairings app and have its score submitted to the itc. All lists will be uploaded to the BCP app prior to the event starting. The following bonus stratagem will be in effect: Duncan's Disdain: 1 cp May only me used against an unpainted enemy unit in the shooting or fight phase. Nominate one of your units. Until the end of the phase that unit may re-roll to hit rolls against the unpainted unit. This event will be strictly timed with timers at every table. If players are deemed to be playing slow; the Judges, at their discretion, may apportion the remaining time to ensure at least 4 full game turns are played. Players who do not complete at least 3 game turns will receive a zero point tie for both players. Via the ITC and BCP’s new soft score system. Players with fully painted armies will receive a 20 point bonus to their over all score.

Ticket Price:

$20.00 USD

Available Tickets: 2



550 Showers Dr
Mountain View CA, 94040

Registered Players

Name Team
Aaron Wisch Mercy Killers
Anthony D'Amore Left Coast Corsairs
Bill Durrett Team Low Tier
Brian Pullen Faultline
Chris Nelson
Christopher Nunes Bay Area Dogs of War
Daniel Brouillet
Daniel Katz Meta Mafia
Devin Albritton
jared focose
Jason Wolfe #REKT
Jim Yeh Team Zero Comp
Joe Hillegass Serial Gamer
John Feuerhelm Left Coast Corsairs
Matthew Lee Faultline 40k
Michael Burch YMG
Michael Timpe Fisto Roboto
Noah Azarin System Trusters
Owen Bissell
Paul McKelvey Left Coast Corsairs
Phil Tracy Bay Area Dogs of War
Quinntin Alvarez
Stephen Hall
Timothy Quan Team Negative Comp
Trent Tillman Freshly Shorn
Will Farley Fisto Roboto