War Zone Way Monthly, July

7.22.2018 - 13:00pm


Event Description: (Optional)...This event will be using my The War Zone Way format. There will be $10 entry fee, ($5 for members) and prizes will be divided into top winner, top hobbyist/army, top sportsmans/favorite game. Armies are built at 2000 matched play points. Then deployed into smaller values. Round 1 only lets you deploy up to 1000 pts. of those units, round 2 only lets you deploy up to 1500 pts. of those units and round 3 sees you playing your entire army! There are not any restrictions outside of the normal ones on what players can bring or use. We do encourage all players to remember the format is meant to be casually competitive with both players having fun being the top goal for each game. To help balance out army power disparity and player skill levels I have attached a simple handicap system. Before the game begins both players are to look over their opponents army list and then consider what if any handicap bonus they wish to offer. Things to consider would be: 1. Is opponents army heavily themed, did they give up game play choices in favor of a thematic force? 0-1 2. Does the model selection they chose seem to be based on models they enjoy or rules they enjoy? 0-2 3. Is this a fair matchup, if the dice fall even are these two armies a fair matchup for each other?0-1 4. Is this player as experienced with the game as you are, or do they still maybe need a bit of a boost to make this a fun and engaging game for both players?0-2 Then you offer them a 0 to 6 command point bonus based on the answers to those questions. If you are not well versed enough in the game to fairly judge the matchup you should likely just play the matchup as is and see how you do. At the end of the day when scoring opponents for fun and sportsmanship players should highly consider if the handicap offered by their opponent seemed appropriate for that battle.

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1626 Broadway Avenue
Mattoon Illinois, 61938

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Adam Brazzell Scions of the War Zone
Anthony Lineberry
Chris Murphy
Dean Beeler
Garrett Lang khorne
jon Brumfiled
Sheamus Huddlestone Smell The Glove