Board Room Brawl

8.4.2018 - 9:00am


1750 points ITC rules $40 buy in 2 days, 5 rounds Prizes for: -Best General -Best Painted -Favourite Opponent -Abaddon Award (Comes with a beer) - Door prizes of varying amounts (still building a prize pool and trying to get donations) Aiming for 16-24 participants due to venue size. Lots of available hotel and camping nearby (It's Grand Forks nothing is more than 5 minutes away) Starts Aug 4 -9 am registration/announcements -9:30 dice rolling(round 1) -12:00 lunch break -1:00 Round 2 -3:30 Round 3 -5:00 Free play Aug 5 -9:30 Round 4 -12:00 lunch break -1:00 Round 5 -4:00 Prizes

Ticket Price:

$40.00 CAD / $30.00 USD

Available Tickets: 12



353 Market Avenue
Grand Forks British Columbia, V0H 1H0

Registered Players

Name Team
40k Farva Board Room Cafe
Al Beliveau Board Room Cafe
Alex Macdougall Imperial Pimps
Ben Ankenbauer Hypocrites
Damon Sutton Board Room Cafe
Jordan Kuzmiuk Hogg
JT McDowell Imperial Pimps
Justin Hines Board Room Cafe
Lucas Tingley BC Battle Brothers
Marc Peron Board Room Cafe
Marshall Reeves
Matt Zarr
Riley Carter Hypocrites
Scott Blades Board Room Cafe
Scott de Wynter-Wilkie Board Room Cafe
Sean Morgan Invalid Command
Shaylynn Allen West Invalid Command
Sterling Battrick Board Room Cafe