Summer's End Duel At Dawn

8.24.2019 - 9:00am


This event will use all current rules as of August 10th 2019 to include: white dwarfs, codexis, FAQ, the most recent ITC format to include chess clock rules and "champion missions". On the day of the event official physical or digital copies of all of your rules are required. Battlescribe will not be allowed for rules references. Lists need to be submitted no later than Wednesday the 21st of August. When submitting lists on Best coast pairings, if you are utilizing battlescribe to build your list please put it in plain text and remove all rules. also please verify your point costs with codexes and FAQs do not rely on battle Scribe. If a list is discovered to be out of compliance, you will not be warned about it until the day of the tournament and the models will have to be removed from the table to make your list compliance. Three detachments Max 2000 points All proxies and or "count as models" must be cleared with the TO beforehand, the most effective way to get approval is to submit a written description of what the model as well as a photo, and the unit that it represents. Proxies / "count as" not cleared with the TO, before day of event will be disallowed from the table top. All models on the table top must have at least Three colors. primer is a color. Event cost and Prices: $35 entry fee. 1st place valued at approximately 100$ 2nd place valued at approximately 75$ 3rd place valued at approximately 50$ To sign up for the event, please email me with your name contact information and army faction. Also be prepared to send money via venmo PayPal or Facebook.


350 Whittier Street
Juneau Alaska, 99801

Registered Players

Name Team
Benn Sherman
Connor Millhorn The Banana Republic
Dillon West
Dylan Taylor Robuts
jack bolin
Jesse Miller
Josh Nugent
Lucas Webber taku otaku
Malik Jones
Nick Paul Big Nick Energy
Ryan reddekopp
Sean Bluett
Tate Pollard Smelly
Thane Maxwell taku otaku
Will Fischer
Zach Easton