Kill Team Campaign


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The Kill Team campaign is designed to reward players who go the distance. By starting early, you will be able to achieve more game plays, glory, and prizes at the end of each month. The event occurs every Thursday and starts on November 29th at 6:00 PM at our Mountain View location and will end Thursday February 21st 2019. This will be an open play event and if you cannot make it to the store you can compete against your other fellow competitors outside the store and come back with your scores. The point cost will strictly stay at 100 points and commanders will not be allowed in game play. We want everyone to enjoy themselves and welcome new players into a friendly competitive environment. Good sportsmanship is required. Admission is $10 and you will receive your kill team stamp card for the first month and move onto a veteran stamp card for the second and third month. They will come with tactic cards for each week as well. May RNGoddess be with you.

Ticket Price:

$10.00 USD

Available Tickets: 30



550 Showers Dr
Mountain View CA, 94040

Registered Players

Name Team
Adrian Lee
Anthony Soldarini
Bryan Little
Cameron Ballash
Colin Mcdonough
Dan Weaver
Jack Murphy Minhs kids
Levon Akopyaw
Liam Thijssen
Lonid Khoroshko
Matthew Lee
Michael Boehm
Mike Murphy
Mikkel Bruun
Minh Nguyen
Nate Stickeler
Ronan Furlong Minhs kids
Ryan Fradelis
Sean Powell
Silas Turnidge