OzCon GT

4.27.2019 - 10:00am


GT level event. Please remember to register on Oz-Con.com as well. 2000 point. All current GW and ITC FAQ and Errata will be in use. Cut off for new materials is April 13.

Ticket Price:


Available Tickets: 10



110 St Louis St
West Plains MO, 65775

Registered Players

Name Team
Chris Campbell The Filthy Casuals
Chris Jubell The Filthy Casuals
Chris Kirby Taylor The Filthy Casuals
Cj Collins
Daren mueller HardTastic
David Boyd KC Battle
Daytona Hurd
Devin King The Filthy Casuals
Jim Anderson The Filthy Casuals
John Teets The Filthy Casuals
Josh Stuart desperate allies
Joshua Shubert HardTastic
karl stark wood wargaming boyz
Kevin Sechrest
Levi Vandall
Loren Tharp
Michael Shepard
Mike Guarriello HardTastic
Mycroft Holmes The Filthy Casuals
Rich Elijah
richard brown
Scott Popken
Scott Taylor
Sean Shepard
Simon Shoup KC Battle
Taylor Johnson The Filthy Casuals
Ted Schram KC Battle
Trevor Cressman The Swarm
Wesley Anderson The Filthy Casuals
William R heifner William R heifner The Filthy Casuals