Merry Slaaneshmass 2021

12.4.2021 - 10:00am


Merry Slaaneshmas 2021 Player Packet Merry Slaaneshmas 2021 Player Packet Welcome back to the cold Pacific winter tournament on the Olympic Peninsula!  If you have any questions not covered by this player packet, please get in touch with the Head TO at   Schedule Day One 9am - Doors Open 10am - First round dice rolling 1pm - First round is over, lunch break 2pm - Second round dice rolling 5pm - Second round is over, dinner break 5:30pm - Third round dice rolling 8:30pm - Third round over Day Two 9am - Doors Open 9:30am - Fourth round dice rolling 12:30pm - Fourth round is over, lunch break 1:30pm- Fifth round dice rolling 4:30pm - Fifth round is over, dinner break 5pm - Sixth round dice rolling 8pm - Sixth round over 8:30pm - Awards Painting Judging and Event Awards Paint judging will happen during lunch on Sunday.  Armies should be set up in designated areas for paint judging.  Don’t forget to have your name on your army so we know who to award!  There will be awards for First, Second, and Third for Best Overall, Best Painted, and Best General, as well as Best Sport.  There will also be awards for Best in Faction.   Rules and Lists The rules cutoff will be 20 November 2021, rules released after this date will not be allowed in the tournament.  Lists will be due 26 November 2021, failure to upload by midnight will result in a yellow card being issued.  If you are having trouble uploading your list, please contact the Head TO with your list by the deadline. Missions will be using the 2021 Grand Tournament Mission Pack By Round 1. Vital Intel 2. Battle Lines 3. Sweep and Clear 4. Priority Target 5. Retrieval Mission 6. Surround and Destroy Terrain The terrain will be placed by the TO staff between each round to match the mission and deployment.  There will be cards to show what features each terrain piece has at the table.   Code of Conduct and COVID Precautions The ITC Code of Conduct will be used for this event.  Please take a moment to read through it.  Per the WA State Governor’s mandate, masks are required indoors at all times regardless of vaccination status.  We have a huge amount of space to work with, so there will be lots of space between tables.  Hand sanitizer will be available in the hall for everyone to use.   Conversions and Proxies Any conversions or proxies need to be cleared by the Head TO prior to 26 November 2021.  Please email with pictures for approval.

Ticket Price:

$75.00 USD

Available Tickets: 40



120 W Chance a La Mer NW
Ocean Shores WA, 98569

Registered Players

Name Team
Alex Pina Fellowship of Friends
Alfred Molitor The Dark Tower
Andrew Yun
Antonio Giammusso
Ben Wadsworth Codex Noncompliant
Bobby Wilson oTA
Chad Breslin NW Mercs
Chris Pearson The Legion
Chuck Arnett The Legion
Colin Sherman
Cordell Trusty
Dan Gideon
Daryn Kaczmarczyk NW Mercs
Drew Robertson Fighting Mongooses
Eleanor Byler OPness
Geoff Meinken oTA
Hank Adams The Legion
Harrison Jewell The Legion
Harry Gieringer
Ian Keil Fellowship of Friends
Jack Foltos oTA
Jake Lambly The Dark Tower
James Mueller
Jared Bryant oTA
Jason Rider
Jeremiah Bergdale A Niche Group of Dedicated Hobbyists
Jeremy Brooks
John Johnson
John Smith Fellowship of Friends
Jonathan Starks Team Zero Comp
JT Steiger The Dark Tower
Karl DuPrey Fellowship of Friends
Kieran Lowe
Kim Lorz A Niche Group of Dedicated Hobbyists
Kolby Hopkins Lictor? I hardly knew her!
Leigh Steiger The Dark Tower
Leland Rill Lictor? I hardly knew her!
Linton Rowan US Army E-Sports
Lukas Troller A Niche Group of Dedicated Hobbyists
Marty M
Matt Core
Matthew Toman
Max Schwarzer A Niche Group of Dedicated Hobbyists
Michael Timpe
Mike Shannon
Mitchell Pelham The Legion
Nicholas Clay
Nick Villegas The Dark Tower
Nicolas Hendrix The Legion
Nicolas Ohlsen-Johnson A Niche Group of Dedicated Hobbyists
Noah Beddome The Dark Tower
Oliver Byler OPness
Paul Winters
Peter Venner The Legion
Riley Riley
Rob Hartford
Robert Duncanson
Ryan Cherewich A Niche Group of Dedicated Hobbyists
Ryan Lynn Lictor? I hardly knew her!
Ryon Keller violent solutions
Ryon Miller D6 Arena
Samuel Smith 4Pillars
Sean Morgan
Sean Nasto NW Mercs
Shaylynn Allen West
Spencer Culhane
steven benz
Steven Huteson Fellowship of Friends
Steven Ross
Steven Trimble Air Force Gaming
Tanner Hebert
Timothy Grant Tim Smeels
Tyler Bortel North BAEs
Tyler Westover Deepstrike Gang
Warwick Rockbourne
Wes Wright NW Mercs
Zach Gray Deepstrike Gang
Zach Hamilton
Zachary Kuyl
Zachary Nelson The Legion