Michigan GT Primer - AFK Games

8.12.2017 - 10:00am


Entry: $10 Details: Army lists will be constructed using the matched play rules from the Warhammer 40K Dark Imperium Rules. Each player may only bring one list of up to 2,000 points. The list may not exceed 3 detachments. All lists must be selected from the 5 Index army books or a valid 8th edition Codex. Players must bring 5 copies of their list. The tournament will be 3 rounds using the swiss pairings style of the Michigan GT.

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2495 Cedar St
Delhi Charter Township MI, 48842

Registered Players

Name Team
Adam Miller
Brandon Byrnes Chronocade
Daniel Kennedy Kabal of the dark sun
Daniel Willard Afk Games
Ernie Bauer Make 40k Sigmar Again!
Jason Sniegowski Channel 4 News Team
Jeff Bowers
Jeff Crawley Cobra Kai
Jeremy Tucker Cobra Kai
Jesse Ramey Afk Games
Jesse Zischke
Josh Hannebohn Paited Bat Designs
Matt Demay
Matthew Turchyn
Matthew Wallo BC Comix
Mike Chartier BC Comix
Nathan Timperley Team Lokust
Nicholas Bowers Chronocade
Nick Mills Bad Descisions
Ryan Smith Afk Games
Travis Farnum
William Kim toledo