Otto’s October 40k, 2000pt ITC

10.6.2018 - 10:00am


$10 entry fee 2000 point ITC with all current faq/errata and beta rules in effect. Hobby track judging for those that want to participate in ITC hobby track. 3 rounds using ITC championship missions. 2.5 hours per round. 30 minute break between each round. You are responsible for bringing all needed items to play and being up to date with any changes/faq/errata for your army. No proxy or substitute models allowed. If you have a question please contact us before hand to get it cleared up.

Ticket Price:


Available Tickets: 12



7701 White Ln
Bakersfield CA, 93309

Registered Players

Name Team
Andrew Helland Warhammered
Benjamin Puget
Chris Pelletier Loyalist
David Stanley Age Of Scrubmar
Gary Mehrer
Sullivan weibert Warhammered
vincent weibert Warhammered
William Roush