Portal 2,000 Pt40K ITC Tournamemt

Available Spots : 29

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Date: 5.12.2018

Portal Comics & Gaming
321 Woodlawn Ave
Bethlehem PA, 18018

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For the Emperor! Registration starts at 10, first round starts at 11. $15 entry fee includes 15% off GW products all day. Three 2.5-hour rounds with a 30 minute break between 1st and 2nd. Armies should be battle forged with up to 3 detachments, totaling up to 2,000 points. We are playing ITC Champions missions (1 through 3) and with all current Matched Play rules including the Beta rules used for the LVO. Models should be WYSIWYG within reason, and mixed faction armies should be easy to identify. Prizes: Top 2 (3rd place if participation is 16 or more), and a Golfhammer award for lowest score to complete the Tournament.

Registered Players

Name Team
Dave Scarlatelaa
Nathan Boddie
Paul Miglino Death Spiral Down