The Cutthroat Gt

4.6.2019 - 10:00am


2000 pt Warhammer 40k Grand tournament hosted by the Colorado Cutthroats and Hobbytown USA in Westminster Colorado. Please follow the link to the Facebook page for more information. This event is part of the Colorado 40k state championships.

Ticket Price:

$25.00 USD

Available Tickets: 4



9120 Wadsworth Parkway
Westminster Colorado, 80021

Registered Players

Name Team
Adam Camenisch
Alexander Cragg Da Mommas Boyz
Andrew Jennings
Ben Neal The Wobbly Modelers
Christopher Doerfler
Dale Blakeman
Dan Bradley
Eric Autret Colorado Cutthroats
Evan Neumann Endgame
Forrest Hughes
Forrest Maddox Colorado Cutthroats
Gregory Wright The War College
James Koons Colorado Cutthroats
Jeff Gutierrez
Justin Kemple Colorado Cutthroats
Korey Nilemo Colorado Cutthroats
Kristopher Boss Frag_Out Gaming
Kyle Daley
Logan Cordova Gulo Gulo
Mark Schiller
Mathew Fortune
Matt Evans The Wobbly Modelers
Matthew Whaite Evil Marsupials
Nathan Cartmell Colorado Cutthroats
Nicholas Smith
Nick Sutherlabd <REDACTED>
Ramsey Joseph Team Die-Nasty
Randall Nelson Colorado Cutthroats
Robert May Death Barons of Cinder 6
Samuel House
Will Hodges The Wobbly Modelers
Will Reeves KOGT
William Stamp
zaak kerstetter The Wobbly Modelers
Zach Fager Colorado Cutthroats