Battle For Vendetta! ATC Prep!

5.26.2018 - 9:00am


In the Grim Dark there is only War. This is an ATC prep event so we will be using the first three missions out of the ITC mission packet using the ITC guide. All current codexes up to the day of are allowed. All beta rules and FAQs are in use. -2000 points -Three 3 hour rounds -No painting requirement -$10 registration fee if you register on BCP before hand, $15 if you register the day of. -ITC registered event

Ticket Price:


Available Tickets: 15



11 S Grove St
Dahlonega GA, 30533

Registered Players

Name Team
Alex West Vendetta Boyz
Alexis Putt
Charles Feltman Vendetta Boyz
Christopher Powell Vengeance for Vendetta
Joe McLean Guns Are For Cowards!
Marcus Johnson WOOOOOOO Crew
Matthew Lundberg Vendetta Boyz
Philip Hall WOOOOOOO Crew
Spawnicus Anderson Team Ramrod