Linebreakers Warhammer 40K Monthly Tournament

5.19.2018 - 10:00am


Linebreakers will be hosting an official ITC tournament Please note the earlier tournament start time 10:00AM. Entry fee is $15.00 to be paid at the store Details: 2000 PTS Max Our last prize payouts for were for 1st-3rd place. ALL ENTRY FEES GO TOWARDS THE PRIZE PAYOUT POT We will be implementing ITC Format Rules supplemented by the ITC Champions Mission Pack for this tournament. The take away here is, read the ITC format rules for setup/terrain rules, etc, but replace the missions in it with the new ITC Championship Mission Pack ITC 8th Edition Format Rules: ITC Champion's Mission: Please find more general INFO on ITC here: WE WILL ALSO BE USING THE BETA RULES FOR OUR TOURNAMENT

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Available Tickets: 18



Victorville CA, undefined

Registered Players

Name Team
Andrew Jamieson
Arthur Tu
Brandon Bell
Edward Romero Dont touch my minis
Ivan Cobian
Joe Workman Don’t touch my minis
Manuel Carreon
Michael Ryan
Mike Ewer The Bang Bus
Seth Piper
Shaun Callaway
Steven Meenaghan