My Bloody Valentine RTT

2.16.2019 - 12:00pm


Location: Heroes Comics & Gaming - Louisville, KY Rounds: 3 Game: Warhammer 40,000 Points: 2000 Registration: $10 Prize Support: Medals Best General 1st-3rd Best Army Appearance (Painting, Conversion, and Display) Round Time: 3 Hours Army Construction: Games Workshop Battle Forged Match Play Armies at 2000 Points; No Painting Requirements FAQ: Games Workshop Missions: Find out more information about the ITC here: Register Here:

Ticket Price:

$10.00 USD

Available Tickets: 2



361 Baxter Ave
Louisville KY, 40204

Registered Players

Name Team
Alex Witty
Bob Belcher Bourbon Brothers Wargaming
Brandon Moore Kentuckiana wargaming federation
Caleb Garascia
Clay Knuckles Kentuckiana wargaming federation
Cotton Aubrey Bourbon Brothers Wargaming
David Lytle
Glenn Barnett Bourbon Brothers Wargaming
James Wallin
Jeff Guillote Full Frontal Nerdity
Jeremy Stan EtA
Laren Ocasio Bourbon Brothers Wargaming
Michael Ralston
Michael Sarapata Man Beard Gaming
Namon Allen
Nathan Miller I Don't know where I am, please send help.
Philip Walker
Ryan Hess Bourbon Brothers Wargaming
Simon Leen Darkstar
Tony Lopes Bourbon Brothers Wargaming