The Warhound at Game Grid May GT

5.21.2022 - 8:30am


Game Grid hosts Warhound tournaments on Saturday and Sunday May 21st and 22nd. Come out to Game Grid and get your ITC points! 6 rounds (unless we have only one player undefeated at 5 rounds), 2k points, battle forged armies, 3 detachments max, with 3 hour rounds. We’ll be using all current Games Workshop, and Forgeworld rules, FAQs and errata, with a one week moratorium on new rules. GW grand tournament missions selected randomly beforehand. The Warhound tournaments terrain will be used. Chess clocks will be required for top tables day two. List submission deadline is May 18th at 10pm. Players who miss the deadline will be yellow carded and receive -20pt penalty game one. $40 entree fee. Please arrive no later than 8:00am. Dice Roll at 8:30am both mornings. Early start to get people done early. Hope to see you there!!

Ticket Price:

$40.00 USD

Available Tickets: 23



400 Millpond Dr #F
Lehi UT, 84043

Registered Players

Name Team
Antonius Tolman
Brock Snedecor
Charles Metts Double Dutch Rudder
Chase Anderson The Red Path
Colin Kay Denver Mountain Trolls
Damien Owen ProTabletop
David Johansen Double Dutch Rudder
Isaac Franson
Jameson Greenman
Jeffrey Cosper The Banmaster
Jordan Gledhill Double Dutch Rudder
Josh G Double Dutch Rudder
Kaltin Kirby
Kayleb Kirby
Kyle Adams Society of Basement Dwelling Wargamers
Lee Harris Battle Ready Wargaming
Lou Rollins Double Dutch Rudder
lucas pehringer NICKalodean
Matthew Dickinson
McKay Griffin lightly salted
Michael Tonel Wasatch Warband
Natalie Hill
Nate Gaddis
Nick Gaddis
Nicolas Wenker lightly salted
Oseas Aduna Double Dutch Rudder
Richard Kilton Double Dutch Rudder
Riley Fitzgerald
Scott Bouche lightly salted
Scott Rumple Double Dutch Rudder
Spencer Larsen Double Dutch Rudder
Thomas Hegstrom Oakey Double Dutch Rudder
Thomas Knight lightly salted
Trevor McBride
Vincent Malmrose
Zach Zullo
Zachary Ethier