Blakfyre Hosts The Rudder In August

8.3.2019 - 9:45am


Come out to Blakfyre and get your ITC points! 3 round, 2k points, battle forged armies, 3 detachments max, with 3 hour rounds. We’ll be using all current Games Workshop, and Forgeworld rules, FAQs and errata (including the FW beta rules for Custodes), with a one week moratorium on new rules. ITC missions Championship 1-6 selected randomly. The Rudder terrain will be used per usual, which is WYSIWYG not the ITC bottom floor of ruins rule/exception. We also will have chess clocks for each table. Chess clocks use is optional at this tournament, but will not be at the Rudder GT, so get your practice in now! We will also be requiring that your list is added to the BCP app for this event and all future Rudder events. Here is a link showing how to do that: $15 entree at the door.

Ticket Price:


Available Tickets: 4



391 S Main St
Pleasant Grove UT, 84062

Registered Players

Name Team
Aaron Fyffe
Anthony Carter
Benjamin Gabbert Golden Throne Thunder Dome
Brian Andersen Vanguard Tactics
Charles Metts The Next Dimension
Christopher Morgan Wrong Way Kids
Christopher Talley Space Hamsters
Derek Holder
Ian Stolk Golden Throne Thunder Dome
James Davis The Hard Nine Inches
John Rowley 93rd Legion
Jon Caldwell The Killing Bricks
Joshua Lynch
Lou Rollins Double Dutch Rudder
Micah Merkley Cry, Havoc!
Nick Wenker Hexfleet Virules
Sam Hegstrom Oakey Double Dutch Rudder
Scott Rumple Double Dutch Rudder
Taylorr Holman
Wes Hal The Killing Bricks