IQ Games Febuary 40K ITC Tournament

2.2.2020 - 10:00am


Start Time: Registry: 10:00 - 10:30 1st Round: 10:30 Start Sharp Lunch 1pm Round 2: 13.30pm Sharp Round 3: 4pm End Time: 19:30pm Entry: £10 Round Length: 2hrs 30mins Number of Rounds: Capped at 3 2 Army lists, one for your opponent and one for the Tournament Organiser   Jimmy Stewart-Wild will be Tournament Organiser for this event, any questions please get in touch with him Mission Type: Using the Championship Missions moving forward, you wont need your tactical objective cards for this event For this event, there will be a mission pack with fixed missions for each round. We will be using the ITC 8th edition rules for this tournament which will need to be read before the event. We will be using the ITC painting rules, so a minimum of 3 colours, and a painted base, any issues with this please feel free to contact the TO with any questions.   These rules can be found here: Prizes will cover the top half of the rankings. There will also be a prize for best painted model AND Army   Parking/ travel: Public transport: We are a 2 minute walk from the train station and just a little further from the bus station. Parking: There is an all day car park across from this post code HD1 5BE that is very close to the shop but does charge. If you have any questions please contact us either by email: or phone us on 01484 511019

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Available Tickets: 6



23 Byram St
undefined England, HD1 1DR

Registered Players

Name Team
Alex Walker
Alistair Lumb
Ash Loftus Glasshammer
Cameron Brown Iq
Dave Martin Iq
David Irving MPM
Gaz Jones Glasshammer
Gordon Easingwood Havoc
Kaibong Deity 13
Kenneth Knott Iq
Marcus Robinson Super Nerds
Mark Crombleholme Glasshammer
Mark Pinder Iq
Matt Norris
Michael Guilfoyle Havoc
Patrick Easingwood Havoc
Thomas Lumb
William Reed