Iron Halo Con - 40K Champs

9.18.2021 - 9:00am


Come on our to the 7th Iron Halo!! Event details will be on our website and you can check them out at Look forward to seeing you at the 2021 Iron Halo Con!

Ticket Price:

$80.00 USD

Available Tickets: 17



1109 N Delaware St
Dewey OK, 74029

Registered Players

Name Team
Aaron Cook Outlanders
Aaron Potter Team Ramrod
Alex Bade Smallville 40k
Andrew Taylor Desperate Allies
Anthony Nix Team Texas
Axel Johnson Frozen North Gaming
BamBam Hunter Flying Monkeys
Ben Cherwien Frozen North Gaming
Bob Dong Rolling Sixes
Bradley “Sage” Johnson
Brenden Burrus Gateway Gamers
Brett "The Catachan" Urbanowski Team Texas
Brian Moody
Brian Tenholder
Bryce Watson
Calvin Smith Warhammer Anonymous
Cam Hawkins
Casey Sherrell
Charles Fox Flying Monkeys
Charlie Andre Frozen North Gaming
Chase Garber Goonhammer
Chris Campbell Observance of Hermits
Christopher Boston Observance of Hermits
Christopher hoogstad
Christopher Rethemeier Warhogs
Cody Boe Warhogs
Colby Norgaard
Colin McDade Team Texas
Connor Haugen
Connor Mac Cormick 40kc
craig johnston
Cy Roark
Dan Cornwell Outlanders
Dan Sammons Outlanders
Daniel Rice Desperate Allies
David Villareal Team Texas
Dennis Wise Preferred Enemies
Derek Richardson
Devin King Observance of Hermits
Dick Johnson Gateway Gamers
Duncan Ensminger Flying Monkeys
Dylan Andres CC 580
Dylan brandon Warhammer Anonymous
Eric Darais Gateway Gamers
Ethan Holt
Gabe Schmidt
Greg Harris Team Texas
Heiðar Þór Stefánsson
Jacob Cummings Rolling Sixes
Jake Harris Gateway Gamers
James Miller Team Texas
Jarren Parrent CC 580
Jason M Burau 40kc
Jason Merten Warhammer Anonymous
Jason Rogers 40kc
Jennie Merten Warhammer Anonymous
jesse pinick FSGC
Jim Anderson Observance of Hermits
John Teets ballers on a budget
Jony velazquez Team Texas
Joseph Eubanks Crit Fail Club
Joseph Yost Team Texas
Julian Bartlett Flying Monkeys
kyle lamperez Warhammer Anonymous
Kyle Malmborg Team Texas
Kyle McCord Rolling Sixes
Logan Ballare-Jones Warhammer Anonymous
Logan Nuessen Flying Monkeys
Marc Nuessen Flying Monkeys
Marcus Guerra
Mark Cimmerian
Mark Hughey Desperate Allies
Mark Weiss
Mason King
Matt Neeley Flying Monkeys
Michael Bass Observance of Hermits
Mike DeLange Flying Monkeys
Mycroft Holmes Observance of Hermits
Nathan Blankenship Warhammer Anonymous
Nathan Martin Not In The Face
Nicolas Weiss Warhogs
Patric Campbell Crit Fail Club
Patrick Jones
Peyton Harris Team Harris
Peyton Preece
Phuong Nhan 40kc
Quinton Alexander FSGC
Richard Pierce Team Ramrod
Richard Windau Gateway Gamers
Richardjason Harris Team Harris
Robert Moreland Team Texas
Robert Shady CC 580
Ruben I Fernandez
Samuel Boman Warhogs
Samuel Shores Desperate Allies
Scott Blegen Frozen North Gaming
Stephan Meloche
Stephen Henderson Desperate Allies
Steven Larson Rolling Sixes
Steven Schirmer Team Texas
Talon Rooney CC 580
Thomas Congdon Desperate Allies
Thomas Eddy CC 580
Thomas Mosher CC 580
Tim Royers Outlanders
TJ Bruce Team Texas
Tracy McCreery CC 580
Tyler Devries Frozen North Gaming
Vincent Santini Crit Fail Club
Wade Hoogstad Team Ramrod
Walt Banks CC 580
William Heifner Observance of Hermits
William Ristau Warhammer Anonymous
Wyatt Harris Team Harris
Zieg Lindberg Warhammer Anonymous