Otto’s February 40k ITC (2019)

2.2.2019 - 10:00am


$10 or spend $40+ in store purchases the day of the event. 2000 point battle forged army using latest Chapter Approved points as well as faq/errata. You must submit your list to bestcoastpairings for the event either before or the day of the event. We’ll be using ITC Champions Missions, determines the day of the event. 2.5 hour rounds with a 30 minute break between each round. You are responsible for being a copy of all rules and datasheets you need for your army as well as dice, measure, writing implement, etc. you are responsible for your own scoring so please keep track.

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7701 White Ln
Bakersfield CA, 93309

Registered Players

Name Team
Alex Glascock
Andrew Helland Warhammered
Christopher Pelletier Loyalist
David Stanley Age Of Scrubmar
Devon Vines Age Of Scrubmar
Emily Taylor Age Of Scrubmar
Jessica Bowman Warhammered
joseph gaede
Paul Bowman Warhammered
Seth Porter
William Roush Age Of Scrubmar