Rocky Top Rumble 40k Major

5.29.2021 - 10:00am


Entree 60 dollars. 5 Rounds 3 hours with hard stop. List due date is May 15th at midnight. May 15th is also the cutt off point for any new material ie codexes, FAQ ect. Any players with lists submitted after that will get a yellow card. Lists submission attempts later than 10am on May 29th will result in a red card and disqualified. ITC player code of conduct will be enforced. Social distancing  and masks will be enforced. Trophies and prize support is based on attendance and will be given to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and best sport. Paint will not be required but GW paint score will be used. Missions will be preselected for each round and revealed along side lists on Friday May 14th at midnight. Refund Dead line for your ticket if you drop is April 11th at 12 am. After that no refunds, but you can transfer your ticket. Schedule: Day 1 Round 1: 9 am - 12 pm Lunch:  12pm -1pm Round 2: 1pm - 4pm Round 3: 4pm - 7pm Day 2  Round 4: 9am -12pm short lunch: 12pm - 1pm Round 5: 1pm - 4pm Round 6: 4pm -7pm 12 pieces,l. 6 fixed major pieces including Ls in the middle, 6 place-able minor pieces, 4 of the 6 pieces of minor terrain will grant minus 1s Terrain Rules: There are Major and Minor terrain pieces for each table. Major pieces must be placed according the the diagram shown for each table. Minor pieces may be placed by players, per the terrain guide at each table. Each minor piece must be placed more than 3" from any objective marker, and 6" from any other piece of terrain. After terrain is placed, a fortification may be used to substitute for any minor piece terrain in that respective players deployment.

Ticket Price:

$60.00 USD

Available Tickets: 0


7690 Creekwood Park Boulevard
Lenoir City Tennessee, 37772

Registered Players

Name Team
Adam Johnson
Alan Cannon
Allan Hernandez
Andrew Gardenhire ETA
Andrew Lathe Weapons of Mass Intoxication
Andrew Mullins
Austin Wingfield Team Battle Brothers
Big Chungus
Brad Hill
Carl Stuck Team Outsider
Chad Taylor Dicehead
Chris Bingham Tri-Hards
Chris Fuller
Chris Peyton
Colin McCain
Cory Hill
Craig Cox
Daniel Gaumond
David Fields Warhammered
Dean Prichard Team Dakkafish
Dustin Blaylock Status Effect
Esteban Pilo-Pais
Glenn Barnett Gorrilla tactics
Griffin Bertalot
Horton Doughton Borderlands Gaming
Jaime Paris Pro TableTop
Jason Simons ETA
Jeremy Brooks Team Dakkafish
Jeremy Stan Full Frontal Nerdity
Jimmy Davis ETA
Jon Heath The Dark Tower
Joseph Benson
Joseph Gillespie
Joshua Martin Team Dakkafish
JT Steiger The Dark Tower
Justin Crain Team Dakkafish
Kelly Wallace The General Staff
Kyle Veers Knighthood
Lee Harris Brohammer
Leigh Steiger The Dark Tower
Marcus Glowczak Team Dakkafish
Mark Of Da Perry Brohammer
Matt Mullins Dicehead
Michael De Legge
Mike Twitchell Borderlands Gaming
Namon Allen Alpha Strike
Nate Clark Dicehead
Nathaniel Williams The Dark Tower
Nicholas Miller
Nick Moran ETA
Noah Beddome The Dark Tower
Patrick Thomas Team Dakkafish
Richard Bay Full Frontal Nerdity
Robert Birmingham
Robert White ETA
Stephen Cosgrove The General Staff
stephen fore Team Battle Brothers
Stephen Thomas
Steven Crawley
Tarzan <3 Stiff Neck
Thomas Byrd Pro TableTop
Travis Breeden
Tyler Maxwell Knighthood
Zeke Sudbury ETA