Show-Me Showdown GT

7.20.2019 - 8:00am


SCHEDULE Saturday 8-9am Check-in 9-12:00pm Round 1 12-1pm Lunch 1-4pm Round 2 4:30-7:30pm Round 3 Sunday 8-9am Check-in 9-12:00pm Round 4 12-1pm Lunch 1-4pm Round 5 4:30 Awards The Show-Me Showdown GT is an ITC Grand Tournament being held in Kansas City, Missouri on July 20-21st 2019 at Staley High School in North Kansas City. The event is being held to raise money for FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) and DECA (Marketing and Entrepreneur Program). These two student organizations raise money each year to help with student programs and extracurricular activities that prepare kids for business careers. By supporting this event you are helping the students achieve their aspirations of entering into the business world.

Ticket Price:

$40.00 USD

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2800 NE Shoal Creek Pkwy
KCMO MO, 64156

Registered Players

Name Team
Aaron Hermstedt
Aaron Scherer Frozen North Gaming
Adam Westby Outlanders
Aidan Barkley
Alex Farrell Outlanders
Baby Gap Flying Monkeys
BamBam Hunter Flying Monkeys
Beau Syas Outlanders
Ben Cherwien Frozen North Gaming
Benjamin McCarthy 40kc
Brian Long Heroic Morale
Cary Mah The Kingsmen
Charles Fox Flying Monkeys
Chase Fishel Flying Monkeys
Chris Campbell The Filthy Casuals
Chris Jubell The Filthy Casuals
Chris Kirby Taylor The Filthy Casuals
Connor Mac Cormick 40kc
Dan Sammons Outlanders
Danny McNeive Kingsmen
Dennis Wise Preferred Enemies
Dillon Grossman Outlanders
Dylan brandon Warhammer Anonymous
Elliott Miller Frozen North Gaming
George Maxwell The Kingsmen
Gregory Tims Heroic Morale
Jack Esseff minnesota dice
Jason Burau 40kc
Jason Merten Warhammer Anonymous
Jason Rogers 40kc
JD Carter
jesse pinick The Kingsmen
Joshua Freeman The Kingsmen
JT Grachek Outlanders
Kash Bolan Flying Monkeys
Kevin Lynn The Kingsmen
kyle lamperez Random Hit
Kyle McCord Corn Beserkers
Larry Davis Heroic Morale
Logan Payne Frozen North Gaming
Marshall VanNortwick The Kingsmen
Matt Root Frozen North Gaming
Michael Dubert Heroic Morale
Michael Dubert Heroic Morale
Mike Delange Flying Monkeys
Nathan Bates B Company
Nick Anderson 40kc
Quinton Alexander The Kingsmen
Rob Helton Not In The Face
Rob Nevarez Flying Monkeys
Robert Barr Preferred Enemies
Samuel Boman Warhogs
Scott McElheny 40kc
Scott Thompson Outlanders
Sean Dilley 40kc
Sean Pallas Frozen North Gaming
Taylor Johnson The Filthy Casuals
Tim Royers Outlanders
Trey Schulte Frozen North Gaming
Treynor Wolfe Outlanders
Tyler Devries Beast Coast
Warren Scherich 40kc
Wesley Anderson The Filthy Casuals
Xavier Villarreal
Zieg Lindberg Warhammer Anonymous