BWG: AoS 2,000pts RTT - 10/21/2018

10.21.2018 - 10:00am


Warhammer Age of Sigmar Matched Play - RTT $15 entry fee, $10 for BWG full members. Entry fee paid during check-in at the event. You can reserve your spot by registering on the BCP (Free), but you will still need to pay for the entry fee. Prize support will be given to the top 2 players attending the event via Gamers Heaven gift cards. Armies need not be fully painted, but must be fully assembled with a good faith attempt at being WYSIWYG. Army books released by October 13th are legal for this event. Doors open at 10:00am. Check-in starts at 10:30am. Round 1 begins at 11:00am. Rounds are 2.5 hours long. 15 minute breaks between rounds. Missions: Rd 1 - The Better Part of Valour Rd 2 - Duality of Death Rd 3 - Focal Points **Realm of Battle (Realmscape Magic, Realmscape Features, and Realm Commands) will NOT be used at this event. **Endless Spells WILL be used at this event. **Artefacts of the Realms WILL be used at this event. Major Victory = 25 Minor Victory = 19 Minor Loss = 10 Major Loss = 4 No outside food or drink allowed at venue. Food and drinks available for purchase. See Gamers Heaven venue staff with any additional questions. BCP Sign-up link here: Facebook event link here:

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Available Tickets: 20



275 Schuylkill Rd
Phoenixville PA, 19460

Registered Players

Name Team
Alex Goodling Basement War Gamers
Emma Mangels
Erik Lydon Basement War Gamers
isaac lalani
Matt Routzahn Basement War Gamers
Matthew Obringer
Mike Ludwig Basement War Gamers
Sean Feather Basement War Gamers