Chamon Challenge

6.2.2019 - 11:00am


2000 points match play tournament Three random pitched battle missions Two and a half hour per game Must provide legal copy of list For more information email all matches will be played in Chamon and you will be given a choice to use one spell from it and the command ability. Major win is 8 points Minor win is 5 points Minor loss is 3 points Major loss is 0 points you will be able to pick one secondary objective from a list given out the day of the tournament. secondaries will be worth 1 Point There is no painting requirement but proxies must be approved before the start of the tournament. also they must be GW models as we are using their store. There will be a $10 buying paid at the start of the tournament to facilitate prizes.

Ticket Price:


Available Tickets: 2



15678 North Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard
Scottsdale Arizona, 85260

Registered Players

Name Team
Bruce Montgomery
Christopher Lieber
Derek Page #REKT
Gabe vargo
Jake Galaszewski Legion of Barney