Kent 40k Tournament Winter GT

11.23.2019 - 8:30am


ITC registered GT. 32 players 2000 points 5 rounds Full prize support


21 Park Drive
Hothfield England, TN26 1EQ

Registered Players

Name Team
Adam Daly Hive mind
alex hook
Anthony Boxall
Bobby halls
Chris Rumbold
Colm McCarthy
Dan Rattigan Canterbury Crusaders
Darren Cooper Alliance of agony
Darren Ellis
David Silvester Canterbury Crusaders
Dhanen Baxendale Canterbury Crusaders
Elliot Watson Hive mind
Franco McDonnell Twisted Dice
Hedley Browning Canterbury Crusaders
Jack Lavelle
Jake Lammas Hive mind
James Budd
Jamie Dennis
Jamie Rogers
Kevin Stone Canterbury Crusaders
Lee Smith
Liam Connolly Hive mind
Liam Wordsworth Hive mind
Luke Grant
Mark Pocock
Martyn Ives
Matt Barney Hive mind
Michael Wills
Neil Lavelle
Paulie Wallis
Peter Ratcliff
Richard Swallow Alliance of agony
Rob Winter
Robert Lloyd Alliance of agony
Roger Barnett Hive mind
Rupert Comotto
Simon Finney
Stanley Little Alliance of agony
Thomas Chasney Alliance of agony
Thomas Parsons Alliance of agony
Tom Sheldon Hive mind