Iron Halo


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Join the War! Come join us for the 4th annual Iron Halo 40k tournament! For more details check out our website. Ticket prices will increase on September 5th to $65.00

Ticket Price:

$65.00 USD

Available Tickets: 4



122 S Park Ave
Bartlesville OK, 74003

Registered Players

Name Team
Aaron Aleong team happy
Adam Peppler Musky Ink Gaming
Adam Raymond Team Texas
Aidan Barkley Forge World Columbia
Alan Bauerly Flying Monkeys
Andrew Taylor Desperate Allies
Andy Kull Mastery Level 0
Anthony Baumayr Team Texas
Antonio CedeƱo Team Texas
Ben Neal The Wobbly Modelers
Brayan Chavez Heralds of the Omnissiah
Brenden Burrus Gateway Gamers
Bruce Merker Team Texas
Buck Temple Flying Monkeys
Cam Hawkins
Cameron Parson Ineptus Mechanicus
Cary Mah The Kingsmen
Charles Fox Flying Monkeys
Chase Garber Warhogs
Clifton Russell Team Texas
Cody Boe Warhogs
Cody Cluck Mastery Level 0
Cody Irons Musky Ink Gaming
Cody Middleton Flying Monkeys
Colin Coons
Cristopher Morris Team Texas
Cyle Thompson Warhogs
Daniel Rice Desperate Allies
danny mcneive The Kingsmen
Dave Danuser Lords of War
David Arimond Lords of War
David Villareal Team Texas
David Watson Flying Monkeys
Dennis Wise Preferred Enemies
Doug James Gateway Gamers
Dustin Browne Gateway Gamers
Evan Neumann Endgame
Evan Prosser Team Texas
Frank Howerton Mastery Level 0
George Maxwell The Kingsmen
Greg Harris Team Texas
Heath Shepherd Desperate Allies
Isaiah Garcia Warzone Oklahoma
James Miller Team Texas
Jason Burau Clobbering Time
jesse pinick Kingsmen
Joe Guzowski Clobbering Time
John Burgher Mastery Level 0
John Shamp Lords of War
Jony Velazquez Team Texas
Jordan Brewer VoF
Joseph Eubanks Volume Of Fire
Josh stuart Desperate Allies
JT Kemper
Kevin Francis Desperate Allies
Kevin Lynn The Kingsmen
Logan Testi Musky Ink Gaming
Mark Weiss Warhogs
Marshall VanNortwick The Kingsmen
Matt Evans The Wobbly Modelers
Matt Neeley Flying Monkeys
Michael Boyer Team Texas
Michael Horner Gateway Gamers
Michael Kiser Clobbering Time
Michael Timpe Fisto Roboto
Mike DeLange Flying Monkeys
Mike Emison Desperate Allies
Mike Keys Mastery Level 0
Mike Smith Lords of War
Nate Bates VoF
Nathaniel Goodfellow Team Texas
Nicolas Weiss Warhogs
Peyton Harris Warzone
Quinton Alexander The Kingsmen
Ray King Desperate Allies
Richard Boyes Team Texas
Richard martin Brohammer
Richard Windau Gateway Gamers
Riley Wells Team Texas
Rj Harris Warzone Oklahoma
Robert Barr Preferred Enemies
Robert Bomer Mastery
Sam Henley Forge World Columbia
Sam Shores Desperate Allies
Samuel Boman Warhogs
Sean Brown Mastery Level 0
Shawn Prosser Team Texas
Spencer Curtin
Stephen Emison Desperate Allies
Steven Heitmeyer Flying Monkeys
Todd Davis Ineptus Mechanicus
Tony Thebeau Clobbering Time
Troy Graber Flying Monkeys
Tyler Drew Mastery Level 0
Viet Nguyen Team Texas
Vincent Santini
Will Farley Meta Mafia
Will Hodges The Wobbly Modelers
Wyatt Harris Warzone