Rocky Top Rumble 2022 40k Super Major

5.27.2022 - 9:00am


Join us in good ole Rocky Top Tennessee for our second ever Rocky Top Game con! Make history as you participate in Knoxville's first Warhammer 40K super-major! Players who register for our events in advance do not have to pay for day passes for our 3-day convention that will include TCG events, cosplay, vendors, a free-to-play board game library, a 2-day Sigmar Event, a competitive paint competition and a 2-day Star Wars Legion event. Our miniature events will all be tracked for ITC battle points and Hobby track. We look forward to seeing you soon! 40k Super Major Details:     Entry fee is 125 dollars (includes day pass for the convention). There will be 8 full rounds, 3 hours each, with a hard stop at the round time end.      The cutoff date for new material (excluding FAQ and Erratas) will be May 1st. Erratas and FAQs will be approved as they are released at the Judge/TO's discretion.     Lists will be a maximum of 2000 pts, following the 2022 GT rules for Matched Play. Lists are due by Friday May 21st at 11:59 pm. Any players with lists submitted after that will get a yellow card. Lists submission attempts later than May 24th 11:59 pm will result in a red card and disqualification. ITC player code of conduct will be enforced. Trophies and prize support is based on attendance and will be given to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and best sport. Additional prize support may be added for 4th place and on, depending on the final count of players.     Paint will not be required but GW’s Battle-Ready paint score will be used. Battle ready status is achieved for models painted to a reasonable detail/quality, with multiple colors and a textured/designed base. Conversions/3rd party/Stand-in's/ 3d printed policy:       3rd party non-GW miniatures are allowed, as well as 3d-printed miniatures, so long as the base size is accurate to the GW/ITC basing chart, the model size is approximate to the substituted model, and the 3d printed file is published and or purchased. If you have any substantial conversions or stand-in's that you believe will raise questions/concerns on the table top, email pictures to or private message directly to Rocky top game con's business page.  Failure to comply will result on anything between models being removed from the table or Red card issues per ITC Policy code of conduct via our event staff. Ticket policy:      Tickets are non-refundable as they are used to pay for the venue and various materials and resources for the event (such as prize support), with the exception that the convention is canceled. You may transfer tickets by emailing us at Ticket holders may no longer transfer tickets after May 20th after 11:59 pm. Once our Event fills up we will start a waiting list.  Social Media Coverage:      Some of our events may be streamed. By purchasing a ticket or attending events you agree that your likeness may used to provide social media content for Rocky Top Game Con and The Play Promoter Tournament Circuit. Event Schedule + Missions: May 27th Day 1 Registration starts at 8 am Round 1: 9am - 12 pm ; Mission 32 Death and Zeal Lunch: 12:00pm - 1:00pm Round 2: 1:00pm - 4:00 pm ; Mission 21 Abandoned Sanctuaries Round 3:  4:10 pm - 7:10pm ; Mission 23 The Scouring May 28th Day 2 Round 1: 9am - 12 pm ; Mission 31 Tide of Conviction Lunch: 12:00pm - 1:00pm  Round 2: 1:00pm - 4:00 pm ; Mission 33 Secure Missing Artifacts Round 3:  4:10 pm - 7:10pm ; Mission 11 Recover the Relics May 29th Day 3 Round 1: 9am - 12 pm ; Mission 12 Tear Down their Icons Round 2: 12:10pm - 3:10 pm ; Mission 22 Conversion Terrain Rules: Set up:      Players roll off to determine Attacker and Defender. Defender then chooses a battlefield edge (deployment zone), selects one of the 2 piles of terrain, and places the first piece. Terrain Placement:      Starting with Defender, Attacker and Defender alternate placing pieces of terrain from their respective piles until there is nothing left to place. Each piece of terrain must be 4 inches from each other, 4 inches from the table edge, and not on the 40 mm objective markers. When placing terrain, players divide the table in half from the center and can only place pieces from their pile on their half of the board. Player board halves are based on the player battlefield edge for each player, as determined by the missions. Ask a judge for help if needed. If for any reason a player cannot fit a terrain piece onto the board following the rules above, call a judge for assistance. Terrain Pile:  2 piles of terrain, one for each player. Each pile consists of the following (with keywords): x1 large L: Obstacle, Breachable, unstable, and Obscuring x1 small forest: Area Terrain, Dense cover, Difficult terrain x1 small crater: Area Terrain, Difficult Terrain, Light-cover 1 Large Ruin: Area Terrain, Obscuring, Light-cover, Scaleable and Breachable 1 Medium ruin: Area Terrain, Obscuring, Scaleable, Light-cover, and Breachable Notes:     *Some tables may have “Defense Line” pieces instead of forest pieces. These small ruined walls follow the same keywords as forests, detailed above.     *The keyword Obscuring is measured from the base of the area terrain pieces. A model overlapping the terrain base will lose the benefits of Line of Sight blocking given by Obscuring. The physical walls of the terrain piece still block Line of Sight based True Line of Sight, per the standard game rules. True Line of Sight is always applied/required, unless a model ability does not require Line of Sight.     *After terrain is placed, a fortification may be used to substitute for any small piece of terrain in that respective player's deployment Floor Policy : Our Major will have one head judge, 6 floor walkers, and one ringer. Below is a guideline on how to interact with Judges Roles per event are outlined as follows:     Head Judge:  Head Judges are responsible for resolving calls that floor judges can't answer. Head judges are not required to walk the floor but instead must make themselves easy to find IE judge table. Only the head judge my appeal to the Event organizer for resolution.     Floor Judge:  Floor Judges are responsible for staying proactive and friendly to the players. If they see an incorrect play they must enter judge call procedure and correct the game state. Floor judges must walk the floor looking for incorrect plays and be ready to respond to judge questions. They must not linger near the judge table or near other judges for more than 5 minutes at a time.     Ringer- ringers are focused on engagement to ensure that players have a good time. Follow the buy round procedure for marking wins and losses but offer to play a game with the player who is odd out. The player may opt out of playing the ringer, but the ringer must offer to play a game. The role of ringer may never overlap the roles of floor Judge or TO.       Judge call procedure: Judge calls are initiated either by a player calling a judge over or the judge themselves; the judge must take the game state back to the interaction in question and resolve the scenario. If the game state cannot be repaired, it becomes an Accepted Game State (see accepted game state section). If there is not a clear resolution for the interaction in question Defer to The Play Promoter Event FAQ. If there is not precedent in event FAQ, defer to an approved 3rd party FAQ. If there is still no precedent established by any FAQ, have the players roll off to make a decision. Once the interaction has been resolved by the Judge. The player may call for an appeal. See Judge Appeal process.       Some chess clocks are available upon request. Once a player makes a request both players must use it. We will follow ITC chess clock etiquette.       Appeal process for rulings: If you have a ruling question, raise your hand and call a judge. The Judge will mark off your time in round and answer your question. If you are not satisfied with the judge's response, ask for an appeal. The appeal will go to the Head Judge to make a firm ruling. Any time on the clock that was lost will be extended so long as this process is not abused. Note that the game state must be reparable to have a ruling call made.          Accepted Game State: Do not wait to call a judge over. If the game is unrepairable, the current board will become an accepted game state and a card may be issued depending on the offence. Judges are available to help the players, but sometimes they will only know help is needed if asked.       Player late to the game: Matches where players are late to their round will be required to play on the clock. Time lost will be deducted from their clock. If a player is 30 minutes late or more to their round they take a loss and take a yellow card. If they are 30 minutes late the following round, they are dropped from the event and take a red card       Player Discrepancies: Players should maintain a solid level of consistency with rules/model declarations, decisions, and dice rolls. "Takebacks" are discouraged, to avoid any potential game state complications or discrepancies. If there are any conflicts, please call a judge over to resolve them impartially. Strict rules/turn order will be adhered to by default (aka unless a specific situation is verbally agreed upon between the players), and judge decisions will be made based on this. Anti Social Contracts between players: We understand that social contracts between players are necessary in many cases as a certain level of trust has to be given to your opponent in order to engage in the game. However this also invites bad actors to take advantage of that implied trust. If a judge feels as though a social contract has been violated between two players we may infer a yellow or red card depending on its severity between one or both players involved. this may range from anything between intent on movement, interpreting rules, to "Take backs" Anit Bullying Discrimination Policy; Rocky Top Game Con is a convention dedicated to propping up the gaming community in Tennessee. We are a no cliques, all-inclusive community that encourages and celebrates diversity. We have a zero-tolerance policy on hate speech or groups/organizations that encourage hate and violence. Any symbols of hate or associated with organizations or groups that support hate found on clothing, tattoos, jewelry, bags, miniatures or anywhere else that can be made seen to the public will result in removal from event and could result in permanent ban from any events associated with Rocky Top Game Con and The Play Promoter LLC. Any Hate speech will be met with the same disciplinary above.    What constitutes hate speech? Degrading/Malicious comments regarding race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender, age or identity.   What constitutes a hate group? Any group that promotes violence/discrimination against race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender, age or identity.    Major Sponsors:  


3301 East Magnolia Avenue
Knoxville Tennessee, 37914

Registered Players

Name Team
Adam Swirzewski BBDDD
Alex Fagg ETA
Alex Morris Team Dakkafish
Andrew Bateman The Dark Tower
Andrew Gardenhire ETA
Andrew Lathe Weapons of Mass Intoxication
Andrew Shriver Golden Dragon Gaming
Andy Patton War Dogs
Austin Wingfield Team Battle Brothers
Ben Pixley Baby Got Dakka
Blaine Miller
Brad Chester Art of War
Brad Hill The Dark Tower
Bradley Bateman
Brandon Vallee Brown Eye of Terror
Brenden Ragsdale
Brian Perilla U.S. Army Esports
Bryan Dorsey Weapons of Mass Intoxication
Carl Stuck
Chris Bingham Tri Hards
Chris Cosentino
Chris Peyton world of war
Cody Hostuttler Legion
Cole Cook BBDDD
Colin Wingo Tactically Perfect
Curt Goble Team Dakkafish
Daniel Hesters Alpha Strike
Daniel Sansone United Midwest Project
Darian McCallister
David Cook
David Fields
David Lytle U.S. Army Esports
David Shirley Legion
Davis Broadwater
Dean Prichard Team Dakkafish
Devin Beardsley Full Frontal Nerdity
Dominic Herold
Douglas Jones Full Frontal Nerdity
Eddie Krapf Abusement Park
Elias Bezanis
Elliott Eureste
Eric Neff TeamDakkafish
Ernan Rodriguez Team Battle Brothers
Esteban Pilo-Pais
Ethan ledbetter
Gabriel Bennett Weapons of Mass Intoxication
Gary Kamp Team Dakkafish
Gary Ricker The Dark Tower
Griffin Gluck
Ian Trent
Jackson Jewell Golden Dragon Gaming
Jacob Eugster Golden Dragon Gaming
Jamie Mullinax Weapons of Mass Intoxication
Jaret Arnett
Jason Simons ETA
Jason Sniegowski Full Frontal Nerdity
Jesse Carmack Legion
Jesse McCarter
Jesse Thompson
Jimmy Davis ETA
Joe MacMillan
Johnathan Larson Rocket City
Jon Heath The Dark Tower
Joseph Bruce
Joseph Gillespie Legion
Josh Catron Weapons of Mass Intoxication
Josh Martin
Josh Putz Blood God Gaming
Justin Crain Weapons of Mass Intoxication
Keegan Gay Kno
Kevin Lawhorn
Kevin Manning Knights of Arcus
Kyle Jackling
Kyle Newberry
Kyle Veers Legion
Levi Goodman United Midwest Project
Luke Sanders Kno
Malachi Blackwood
Marcus Glowczak Team Dakkafish
Marcus Johnson
Mark Hertel Team Battle Brothers
Matt Estrada United Midwest Project
Michael Black
Mike Nees United Midwest Project
Mike Sanchez Team Battle Brothers
Mitch Odom
Mork Perry
Nate Miller 13th Legion DMV
Nathan Clark Legion
Nathaniel Rex Alsbrooks Golden Dragon Gaming
Nathaniel Williams The Dark Tower
Noah Beddome The Dark Tower
Patrick McAneeny Team Battle Brothers
Patrick Thomas Team Dakkafish
Pedro Reyes Legion
Robert Birmingham Barbells and Anime Milkers
Robert Blackwell Stygian Outlaws
Roland Crawley Team Dakkafish
Ryan Andersen
Ryan Lappin 13th Legion DMV
Scott Byam
Scott Dielman 13th Legion DMV
Sean Rice Legion
Seth Oster Vindicta
Seth Piper Battle Ready Wargaming
Shane Hamblin Abusement Park
Shannon Siefke ETA
Stephen Henry Oh, Hai Mars
Stephen Thomas Worlds of War
Steven Crawley Legion
Thomas Leggett
Tim Brooks
Travis Breeden
Trent Miller Hillbilly Heresy
Trent Mosely Alpha Strike
Will Whitehead
William Lynn
Zeke Sudbury ETA