Merry Slaaneshmas 2019

12.7.2019 - 9:30am


Merry Slaaneshmass 2019 Tournament Packet Naturally this Packet is subject to change if we find something in error or something needs to be added If you have never played at a tournament in the Aberdeen area we suggest you read the following and pay close attention to what it says. We attempt to foster a community of wargamers who play competitively but understand this a game and is to be played for fun. If your idea idea of fun is to rules lawyer, bully other players into your interpretation of the rules, or win at all costs then this is not the area or tournament for you to play in. If you have an interpretation of the rules that deviates from the standard rulings at ITC Major Events make sure you clear it with the TO or Head Judge. If you want to play competitive games of 40k, win by generalship, and have fun games while playing as hard as you can, this is the tournament and area for you. We are here to play with our toy soldiers and compete. We can not stress this enough. This is NOT debate club, This is NOT a place for cheating, and this is NOT a place for unsportsmanlike behavior. The ITC code of conduct will be in effect. With one addition Repeatedly asking for rulings that you clearly know the answer to hoping to get a ruling in your favor will not be tolerated. This is NOT intended to punish new players or players who legitimately need a ruling. If you are trying to figure out why this ruling is here then you don’t have to worry about it and it isn’t an issue. Time Rules We don’t want to put you on a time clock! If we find your games are going slowly we will put you on a time clock and then the ITC time clock rules apply to your games. Intentional Slow Play Will Not Be Tolerated Instead of using time clocks we will be using time call-outs These are swiped from NOVA (Thanks Guys This Works Great) · 3:00 – Start Round (Formally) · 2:50 – Complete Pre-Game Mission, Warlord, Psychic Power, and Other Selections, Begin Deployment · 2:30 – Deployment Complete, Begin Round 1 · 1:50 – First Battle Round Complete, Begin Round 2 · 1:10 – Second Battle Round Complete, Begin Round 3 · 0:50 – Third Battle Round Complete, Begin Round 4 · 0:30 – Fourth Battle Round Complete, Begin Round 5 · 0:10 – Fifth Battle Round Complete, Begin Round 6 Based upon these milestones, you will not be permitted to begin a Battle Round with less than 15 minutes remaining unless it is the SIXTH Battle Round. You will be permitted to begin the SIXTH Battle Round with at least 10 minutes remaining. For clarity, this provides each player with, on average, the following time breakdown for the typical game: · Pre-Game Mission, Warlord, Psychic Power, and Other Selections: 5 Minutes · Deploying your actual models: 10 Minutes · Playing your First Turn: 20 Minutes · Playing your Second Turn: 20 Minutes · Playing your Third Turn: 10 Minutes · Playing your Fourth Turn: 10 Minutes · Playing your Fifth Turn: 10 Minutes · Playing your Sixth Turn: 5 Minutes In all cases, we expect players to finish their games. While we will not apply a Clock to your table without significant cause for doing so, we encourage you to prepare and practice as needed if you feel you are a slower player. This is not to add undue stress to you in participation, but to ensure a fair game between you and your opponent. The above breakdown is therefore a suggestion which provides 90 minutes per player, but it is one we will use as a guideline for patrolling tables and evaluating games that need assistance to complete on time. Schedule Day One 8am-9:45am Registration 10am-1pm Round 1 1pm-2pm Lunch 2pm-5pm Round 2 5:15pm-8:15pm Round 3 Day Two 10am-1pm Round 4 1pm-2pm Lunch 2pm-5pm Round 5 5:15 End Of Tournament Awards The schedule is subject to change based on numerous factors Rules Cutoff Date NOVEMBER 18th FAQs will be in play if released before midnight 12/6 (Chapter Approved 2019 is not considered as a FAQ for this ruling) The Tournament Organizer and Head Judge reserve the right to change or outright ban any Codexes, Supplements, Models, Rules, etc that have not been FAQd before the start of the tournament. We will not have a tournament run over the top of because of a clearly broken codex List Submission Deadline 11/22/19 Any list not submitted by this time will result in a Yellow Card. Any list not submitted by 11/29/19 will result in a second Yellow Card. If you need help uploading a list contact us and we will work with you. Lists will be unlocked for viewing on 12/6/19 At 8pm PST Any player not uploading a list before the start of play on 12/7/19 will be disqualified from the tournament Terrain Rules All terrain is considered to be ruins, hills, or line of sight blocking. A model is considered to have cover if any portion of the base is touching any portion of terrain. (Vehicles and Monsters must be 50% obscured AND touching terrain to gain cover) Each table will have a sheet with the terrain layout of the table and what rules apply to those terrain pieces Award Structure Best Overall 33% Favorite Opponent Score 33% Hobby Track Rubric 33% Tournament Placing 1st-3rd Best General and Favorite Army Favorite Army will be voted on by the Players 1st Place Best Sport Prizes awarded for Best in Faction by Tournament Placing Painting/Modeling/ITC Hobby Track ALL CONVERSIONS AND COUNTS AS MODELS MUST BE APPROVED BY THE HEAD JUDGE OR TO PRIOR TO PLAY Three color minimum and based is required to play. Any models not up to this standard will be pulled from play. Modeling for advantage will not be tolerated. If you want to run a rule of cool model that somehow deviates from the size of the GW model make sure you bring a GW model with the same dimensions and clear it with the TO before the tournament The following paint rubric will be used for paint scoring and paint scoring will be done at the lunch break of the tournament on day one and possibly day two. PAINTING SCORE SHEET Overall score breakdown, 80 points total: Display 15 | Conversions 15 | Basing 10 | Unity 10 | Brushwork 30 | ​ DISPLAY (The means of army presentation.)- 0 No display board or empty, unaltered board (bare piece of wood, etc.) 1-4 Basic attempt. Flocking and/or painting, some minor scenery details (hills, etc) added. 5-9 Multiple scenery pieces or extensive detailing. Significant work put into presentation of the army. 10-15 Army and board are heavily integrated, copious detailing. ​ CONVERSIONS (Taking the phsycial construction of the models to the next level.)- 0 No significant conversions, or purely functional ones to fulfill WYSIWYG. 1-4 Minor conversions- heads/arms from other kits, very basic reposing, some added bitz. 5-9 Significant conversions or sculpting, use of multiple disparate kits, creative scratchbuilds. 10-15 Most or all of army is converted. Extensive sculpting or custom parts. ​ BASING (The only thing all armies have in common and often the last part to be considered.)- 0 Unpainted or unaltered bases. One or fewer colors. 1-3 Basic paint job and/or added material (flocking, sand, etc.) Some details painted. 4-7 Attractive basing or custom work on each base. Attention paid to all details. 8-10 Extensive customization and immaculate attention to detail as well as use of many materials/techniques. ​ UNITY (The concept of a united, uniform looking product. All parts have a place.)- 0 No coherency of scheme- using borrowed models or radically different paint schemes without rationale. 1-3 Units belong to same army. May be some mismatch in level of detail or slightly discordant themes. 4-7 Extensive work to match the army together (similar or complementing palettes, good color mixing, etc.) 8-10 All models painted to the same high standard. If different schemes are used they look fantastic together. ​ BRUSHWORK (Actual execution of your paint. Technique, amount, detail.)- 1 Three color minimum met. Primed with at least two additional colors added. 2-6 Base coat finished on all models. Some limited attempts at detailing added. 7-11 All models have a completed base coat and details. May be some minor overpaints. 12-16 Some shading and highlights applied to models. Some attempt at decals and insignia or other customizations. 17-21 Multiple levels of shading and/or highlighting. Careful attention paid to details. 22-24 Ultra-fine details are picked out (pupils, grime on legs in mud, etc.). Advanced painting techniques demonstrated. 25-28 Glorious, immaculate detail everywhere. "Plain" surfaces are given texture. All parts of the model given attention. 28-30 Flaws cannot be found, you may as well be playing with a Crystal Brush entry.

Ticket Price:

$75.00 USD

Available Tickets: 19



120 W Chance a La Mer NW
Ocean Shores WA, 98569

Registered Players

Name Team
Alan Chase NW Mercs
Arthur Berube
Ben Wadsworth Codex Noncompliant
Bobby Kingsada solo que
Casey Bronson Bolter buddies
Chris Pearson The Legion
Christopher Wilson Vanguard Tactics
Chuck Arnett Mugu Legion
Colin Sherman The Legion
connor allison fire breathing rubber duckies
Conrad Carriker NW Mercs
Cornelius Perkins
Daryn Kaczmarczyk NW Mercs
David Robson Doll Warz
Drew Robertson Heroic Knights
Harrison Jewell The Legion
Harry Gieringer
Jake elder Bolter buddies
James Donis NM mercs
James Gliddon GH Tabletop Gaming
Jeremiah Bergdale Rose City Ruffians
John Johnson The Legion
John Smith NW Mercs
John-Paul Mawet The Legion
Joshua LaRue NW Mercs
Joshua Laudenglos NW Mercs
Kara Payne NW Mercs
keone young NW Mercs
Kolby Hopkins fdlfpt
Leland Rill fdlfpt
Logan Young NW Mercs
Mason Moore NW Mercs
Matt Lewis Mugu Legion
Matthew Olsen
Max Carouthers NW Mercs
Max Schwarzer Rose City Ruffians
Michael Timpe The Legion
Nathan Barrington Bolter buddies
Nathan Billings
Nick Dantche NW Mercs
Nicolas Ohlsen-Johnson Rose City Ruffians
Oseas Aduna NW Mercs
Paul Winters NW Mercs
Perry Spilman NW Mercs
Peter Venner The Legion
Reef Bates
Riley Riley Heroic Knights
Rob Hartford Codex Noncompliant
Ronald Ashley Bolter buddies
Ryan Lynn fdlfpt
Salty Salty NW Mercs
Sean Nasto NW Mercs
Shawn Fellows
Shaylynn Allen West In The Finest Hour
Tanner Hebert Rose City Ruffians
Terry Smithson Bolter buddies
Tiffany Darrin Bolter buddies
Tyler Agee Adeptus Malleus
Wes Wright NW Mercs
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