Merry Slaaneshmas 2019




Tournament and Harbor Dice Con website coming soon! Tournament format will be as close to ITC/LVO format as possible. With the distance in time releasing a tournament packet that would need to be changed would be irresponsible and confusing. The ticket price is your tournament registration AND convention badge. Badges will be picked up at the convention. Thanks to early backers on Kickstarter the venue is already complete paid in full and terrain is being built and ramping up. If you see one wearing their backer shirt be sure to Thank them. Without them this would all not have been possible.

Ticket Price:

$75.00 USD

Available Tickets: 31



120 W Chance a La Mer NW
Ocean Shores WA, 98569

Registered Players

Name Team
Alax Henderson Battle Brothers
Ben Wadsworth Codex Noncompliant
Brian Morrill GH Tabletop
Casey Bronson
Charles Arnett Mugu Legion
Chris Pearson
Christopher Wilson Vanguard Tactics
Colin Sherman Mugu Legion
Conrad Carriker GH Tabletop
Cordell Trusty
Cornelius Perkins
Drew Robertson Heroic Knights
Hank Adams
Harrison Jewell Mugu Legion
Jake Nelson
James Donis NM mercs
Jason Byrd NW Mercs
Jeff Strand
Jeffrey Heimbuch NW Mercs
Jeremiah Bergdale Team Fury
John Johnson Mugu Legion
John Smith Deffrollaz
Josh Laudenglos NW Mercs
Kasey Kirkham MW Mercs
Keone Young Bolter buddies
Kyle Frank Team Battle Brothers
Leland Rill fdlfpt
Logan Young Bolter buddies
Matthew Riley Heroic Knights
Max Carouthers GH Tabletop Gaming
Michael Timpe hammerhead games
Mike Genoni
Nick Dantche NW Mercs
Oseas Aduna NW Mercs
Paul Winters NW Mercs
Reef Bates
Rob Hartford DD214
Ron Ashley Bolter buddies
Ryan Lynn fdlfpt
Sam Keep
Sean Morgan Sean Morgan
Sean Nasto
Shaylynn Allen Heroic Intervention
Tiffany Darrin Bolter buddies
Tyler Agee Adeptus Malleus
Tyler Anderson Heroic Knights
Wes Wright Bolter buddies
Zachary Nelson Mugu Legion
Zackery Sanders Bolter buddies