War In The Warp II




Greetings From The Warp brings you another itc event. Play 5 games on fantastic tables over 2 days. 1750 points championship missions.

Ticket Price:


Available Tickets: 4



Poplars Finedon Road
Irthlingborough England, NN9 5UB

Registered Players

Name Team
Alec George
Andrew Bourbon Bad Moon Cafe
Ben Jones Gaming From The Shire
Ben Ouzman-Taylor
Chris Houghton
Christopher Smalley Vanguard Tactics
Daniel Johns Twisted Dice
Gareth Thomas-Lord
Idris Dodwell
Jack Downing Vanguard Tactics
Jack Spencer Deva Legionarii
John Hickton Twisted Dice
Ken Chambers the outriders
Kenneth Morley
Kieron Bailey
Konrad Bartkiewicz Team Draco
Mark Denson
Mark Gebhard
Mark Read Vanguard Tactics
Matthew Doughty
Matthew Reid NMWG
Maxwell Koch Outlanders
Nicholas Teague Plodhammer
Noah Beddome The Dark Tower
Richard Edkins
Scott monaghan
Simon Chatterley
Simon Priddis Team Draco
Stephen Box Vanguard Tactics
Toby Liddiard Squid Badgers
Tristan Whitehead Twisted Dice
Zachary Becker