Remove The Cancer, Save The Galaxy

6.29.2019 - 10:00am


I REGISTRATION PAGE: Facebook page for regular updates and discussion: Auction: Aaaand... One of our own has fallen prey to the depredations of cancer and we intend to annihilate the invader. Nathan Fluger has opened his home to many of us for games and tournaments, and has been a long time ork player, now facing Spinal cancer. Your mission is to lighten that burden for he and his family while celebrating the game he and we love. All money raised goes directly to Nathan Fluger and his family. The Game Matrix, whose owner also is in this same battle, has graciously opened it to be used for the event. THE RULEZ: WHO: You and any enemy of cancer you know. Spread the word far and wide. This is different. This is one of us. Forge World rules will be allowed, but the Forge World Beta rules will not. Make CERTAIN you have printed easy to read copies of your list for your opponent and please submit your list by June 15th on the Bestcoast Pairings player app on your phone. WHAT: ITC event. 2,000 point Battleforged armies. NO Paint requirements for this event. Lists need to be uploaded to the BestcoastPairings app by Friday June 15th. $25 entry, and it is all going to Nathan and family. Opportunities for additional donations will be available as well. Chess clocks will be enforced for tables who use them. If one player wishes to use the clock then you must agree and be bound by the clock rules. Familiarize yourself with the rules. WHERE: The Game Matrix in Tacoma. PARK BEHIND THE BUILDING PLEASE 8610 S Tacoma Way, Lakewood, WA 98499 WHEN: 3 rounds, 3 Hours each. All day June 29th 2019. We will try to arrange an extended mealtime for everyone and if it's possible, we will ask Nathan to join us for it! WHY: Because you can. Sometimes the only reason you need to be helpful is because you can be. Let's remember that 1 in 3 of us will get cancer. Paying it forward is a thing. OTHER STUFF: We are planning a silent auction. if you would like, you can send the items you wish to donate to my office (I'll provide the address to those interested) and I will take pics and post them so that people can start thinking about it and deciding what to donate for them. This will be another great way to raise the money we want to raise. Your help is appreciated. You can PM me here or email me at SILENT AUCTION RULES: Here are the auction rules: Bids should be sent to Jaclyn McCoy through PM on Facebook, not on the items themselves. All items have a number on them identifying their lot number. Pay close attention to that number when you bid. Don’t get it wrong! You can bid multiple times for the same item. When you bid, you bid by specifying the item number and amount like this: “$13 for 16”. This means you are committing $13 for the item we have marked as #16. Keeping it simple like this will make Jaclyns job much easier. You can only bid in whole dollars. For example, you could bid $11, but not $11.03. If you win one, congratulations! Cash must be received by the day of the tournament and you must pick your item up at the Game Matrix event on June 29th, or elect someone to do it for you. If someone else is picking it up for you, you need to let us know. Once you have bid, you are committing that money to Flugers family, so keep in mind that if the top bidder does not show up, you may still win the bid. Top bids will be updated periodically, to give you the chance to bid again, so keep an eye on it. Final bids will be taken at 5PM June 28th, to give us time to prepare everything to be delivered to its new homes and ALSO give us breathing room to do the tournament prep we need to do! Cancer Fundraiser custom art!!!.jpg

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8610 S Tacoma Way
Lakewood WA, 98499

Registered Players

Name Team
Arthur Berube
Bobby Kingsada
Brad Jones Fatty Miniatures
Carter Melancon
Crash Lund Team grimdrunk
CT Rickey Deffrollaz
Darryl Parks Team Thundersparrow
Gary Bohon
Gerald Sunada Chump Change
Hank Adams
Ian Keil Deffrollaz
James Terwilliger
Jason Rider Fancy Players Academy
John Smith NW Mercs
Jonathan Firman Fatty Miniatures
Karl DuPrey Deffrollaz
Keith Nyberg Team Butterhouse
Khan Pitts Ordo
Kieran Lowe
Lorin Dole
Matt Lewis
Michael Halverson Deffrollaz
Mo Montel Fatty Miniatures
Nathan Dalton
Nathan Fluger Ordo Fantaticus
Oseas Aduna NW Mercs
Ronnie Cox
Saul Kirkman
Steve Yarborough
Todd Smith Ordo Fantaticus