Game Nites 40k Crucible #2

6.15.2019 - 10:00am


The 40k Crucible Tournament Series The 40k Crucible is a series of 4 qualifying tournaments and an invitational tournament hosted by Game Nite. The top 4 eligible finishers from each Qualifier will earn a place in the invitational. The Qualifiers will each be a stand-alone ITC tournament. The Invitational will be a seeded, playoff-style single-elimination tournament to determine the overall champion of The 40k Crucible. The seeding for the Invitational will be based off each player's total ITC score from all 4 Qualifiers. If someone has already earned an invitation during a Qualifier, it will be given to the next highest finishing player. For example, a player finishes 2nd in the Qualifier #1 and earns an invite, then finishes 1st in Qualifier #2, the invite would be given to the 5th place finisher in the Qualifier #2. Players are free to change their lists and army for each event and the invitational. All events will use the ITC champion's missions. The cost of entry for each Qualifier is $25. Lunch will be provided and prizes will be given out for each Qualifier Tournament. First place of each Qualifier will also receive a commission paint job on a model of their choice (up to a 40mm base). The prize for the winner of The Crucible Invitational is a 1000pt army (details to come). May 18th The Crucible Qualifier #1, 1500 pts DONE Jun 15th The Crucible Qualifier #2, 2000 pts Jul 20th The Crucible Qualifier #3, 1850 pts Aug 17th The Crucible Qualifier #4, 2000 pts Sep 21st The Crucible Invitational, 2000 pts The 40k Crucible Qualifier #2 Jun 15th from 10:30am - 7pm Game Nite 8380 Watson rd. St Louis, MO $25 registration fee includes Pizza lunch • Your army must consist of 2000 points or less. • Your army must be battle-forged. • You may use up to 3 detachments • Matched Play 3 Round Swiss Pairing Tournament with 3 Hours Round Time. • Please register for the tournament on BCP [BCP link]. For help visit • ITC Champion's Missions will be used. • Current Beta rules (including Bolter Discipline), Imperium Nihilus: Vigilus Defiant and Vigilus Ablaze, and Legal White Dwarf, Erratas, and FAQs are in effect. • Contact and/or with any questions • New FAQs and errata will be accepted up to 1 week before the event. New codexes will be accepted up to 2 weeks before the event. • General Guidelines for ITC Terrain • A typed or printed army list is required for the judges and each of your opponents. Battle-scribe is a preferred army builder tool but a clear and concise written list will be accepted with all appropriate names, equipment cost and points for each model or the Standard List Format (E.T.C.) may be used • List submission ahead of time is encouraged, please see these instructions • All models must be WYSIWYG. Models are not required to be painted, but scores will be submitted for the ITC hobby track • Prizes will be given out in store credit. First place will also receive a commission paint job on a model of their choice (up to a 40mm base). The top 4 finishers will receive an invite to The Crucible Invitational (Sep 21st) Schedule 10:30 1st round 1:30 1st round ends 1:40 2nd round starts 4:40 2nd round ends 4:50 3rd round starts 7:50 3rd round ends

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8380 Watson Rd
St. Louis MO, 63119

Registered Players

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Alex CLARK 40K United
Barry Walker
Brandon Scarim Gateway Gamers
Brendan Brasel S.A.G.A.
David Wilson Gateway Gamers
Doug James Gateway Gamers
Dustin Browne Gateway Gamers
Eric Darais Gateway Gamers
Gabriel Barron Gateway Gamers
Harold Meyer
Jason Cook 40K United
Joseph Garcia Gateway Gamers
Josh Rohn
Justin Lois 40K United
Loren Pawlitz 40K United
Skylar Petitt