Vulkan’s Summer BBQ

8.17.2019 - 10:00am


This a tournament focused on the joy and hobby of Warhammer 40k. Two day Warhammer 40k tournament Two day 5 rounds 3 hours per round 40 player max ITC Champions Missions Best overall will be 1/3 Paint 1/3 Sportsmanship 1/3 Tournament Score ARMY COMP 2000 points 3 detachment max ITC Rules We will be using all FAQs and codexes published on or before Aug 16th You must provide at least 4 copies of your list printed 3 color army minimum with basing (we will pull models) All conversions and proxies must be approved by the TO before the tournament Lists are due on the BCP app Friday night at midnight before the tournament GW dice app accepted THE EVENT $50 entry fee Prize support and Raffle Lunch Provided Both Days Hobby Track event IF YOU HAVE A CLEVER INTERPRETATION OF SOMETHING IN THE RULES, ARMY COMP, ETC CONTACT THE TO BEFOREHAND. IF IT IS NOT WIDELY ACCEPTED AS THE CURRENT RULE AND YOU WAITED TO TRY AND PULL IT AT THE TOURNAMENT IT IS PROBABLY NOT GOING TO END WELL FOR YOU......THIS IS NOT DEBATE CLASS PEOPLE ARE HERE TO ENJOY COMPETITIVE WARGAMES

Ticket Price:

$50.00 USD

Available Tickets: 12



2616 Simpson Ave
Aberdeen WA, 98520

Registered Players

Name Team
Alax Henderson Team Battle Brothers
Brian Morrill NW Mercs
Casey Bronson Bolter buddies
Chris Jung Heroic Knights
Conrad Carriker NW Mercs
Harrison Jewell The Legion
James Donis Codex NonComplaint
James Gliddon Bolter buddies
Jeremy Foulds Bolter buddies
Joshua LaRue NW Mercs
Joshua Laudenglos NWMercs
keone young NW Mercs
Leland Rill fdlfpt
Logan Young NW Mercs
Luke Tackett NW Mercs
Max Carouthers NW Mercs
Michael McBride
Nathan Barrington Bolter buddies
Oseas Aduna NW Mercs
Paul Winters NW Mercs
Peter Venner The Legion
Rob Hartford Codex Noncompliant
Ronald Ashley Bolter buddies
Ryan Lynn fdlfpt
Sean Nasto NW Mercs
Wes Wright NW Mercs
Zackery Sanders NW Mercs
Zak Nelson The Legion