7th Annual Barrie Bash - Major


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ITC Major Event - 84 player Cap 6 rounds (3 day 1, 3 day 2) 2000pts ITC format - painting / based required Championship Missions $80 Dollars for the weekend - includes lunch both days.

Ticket Price:

$80.00 CAD / $70.00 USD

Available Tickets: 2



4730 25th Sideroad
Thornton ON, L0L 2N0

Registered Players

Name Team
Aaron Green The Lively Boys
Adam Marcinkowski
andrew ware
Armando Ceron Bloodbath and Beyond
Austin McMurdy The Salty Guardsmen
Ben Brenner Moot Green
Ben Jensen
Chris Mollink Team Kitchener
Christian Vavaroutsos
Clark LaMoose Reckless Assault Gaming (RAGE)
Curtis cluett Drunken Dreadnoughts
Daniel Oettl W.A.A.C PACK
Danny Stewart Level 1 Slime
Darrin Holmes W.A.A.C PACK
David Kachuk Crafts n'Things
David Koszka Beef & Wing
David Moffat W.A.A.C PACK
Davis Centis The Lively Boys
Derek Deraiche
Devin Swann CanHammer
Diogo Pita 29th Legion
Dominique Carette Northern Defenders
Dustin Henshaw Forbes First Legion
Eric Jutras Atomic Death Squad
Exzar Exodar Eternal Warriors
Geoff Osborne W.A.A.C PACK
Greg Linzmeyer Eternal Warriors
Hamza Syed Bloodbath and Beyond
Irvin Armitage The Basement Collective
James. Castellani
Jared Bond Eternal Warriors
Jared Sharen
Jason Lichty Eternal Warriors
Jason Sparks CanHammer
Jay Lymer
Jeff Brown CanHammer
Jeffrey Pandeirada CanHammer
Jesse Petralia
Jesse Dupuis
Jessie Rocha Forbes First Legion
Jim Vesal CanHammer
Joey Volpe W.A.A.C PACK
John Meier Tabled turn one
Jon Anderson Beef & Wing
Jordan Hovey W.A.A.C PACK
Jordan Volpe W.A.A.C PACK
Josh Curtis The Drunken Dreadnoughts
Keir Broadfoot W.A.A.C PACK
Kevin Armitage The Basement Collective!
Konrad Motyka Cash Money Hammer
Kyle Moser Moot Green
Mark Ammirante Emperor’s Masseuse to
Mark Peterson Black Knight Games
Mark Wang Knights of Alexandros
Matt Manuel Eternal Warriors
Matt Peterson
Michael Grove
Michael Strang Loaded Dice
Mike Harrison Bloodbath and Beyond
Mitch Khwaja
Neil Walker Beef & Wing
Nick Wilton Tabled Turn One
Riley Maxwell
Ringer ringer Chicken Dinner
Robert Leclair Eternal Warriors
Ron McCallum A little angry
Row Moore
Ryan Schroeder Loaded Dice
Scott Burdett Tabled Turn One
Scott McCall
Scott Rice Eternal Warriors
Sean Nolan Grimdark Potatoes
Shane Kent Eternal Warriors
Skylor Petrovich
Thomas Collier
Thomas Liddy
Tim Deetlefs The Seer council
Tj Lanigan Beast Coast
Tom Tychansky Dauntless
Torey Peet 40k unfiltered
Will Paul
William Backhurst Eternal Warriors